Being Receipients Of Criticism; Understanding Judgementalism From An Objective Point Of Way

There's no story thats complete on the surface. Life itself is a mystery that we only understand when we look closer. Being the reciever of an action and being the diet of an action allows us to understand that no story is complete unless we have heard it from three points of view.
In reality, People are too lazy to always look deep down. There are reasons behind reasons as to Why people chose to be the way they are. But sometimes people chose to understand before they begin to search for what the truth really is.
Its important that we reduce our validation or valuation of perfection. This is because we can never be perfect.
We as humans needs to imbibe the purest form of understanding because this is how we begin to appreciate people irrespective of their faults or shortcomings.
In this video I talk about experience from a reciever and a doer's point of view.

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