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First health, then wealth, then pleasure, and do not owe anything to anybody.

-- Catherine the Great

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Most of us are so focused on building intergenerational wealth that we forget about something even more important: our good health. One reason we work to gain wealth is so that we can live the good life not only for ourselves but also with those near and dear to us. What's the point in killing ourselves to become wealthy only to then spend all our days visiting hospitals and going to doctor appointments and consuming 42 prescription drugs daily?

Even if we had intergenerational wealth and the mad stacks of cash that come with it, we won't be able to derive pleasure from it if we're in bad health. Then it's just existing rather than living.

No matter how much intergenerational wealth we have, it will disappear if our debts exceed that very wealth. For many of us, our countires are are experiencing debts so massive there is no humanly possible way they will ever be paid off even after all weath is confiscated. On a personal scale, health and medical expenses have been known to get people in to debts large enough to put them on the streets.

It's OK if we're missing wealth. It's no big deal if we're missing out on plesure. It's even a small concern if we have debts. However, if we lack good health, then we can forget about wealth and pleasure. If we lack good health, we're in danger of having debts which can wipe us out.

Some Information about Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great (born as Sophie Friederike Auguste, Prinzessin von Anhalt-Zerbst) was born in Stettin, Prussia-- now Szczecin, Poland-- on 1729-April-21 (New Style date 1729-May-2). The Empress of Russia, or tsarina died in Tsarskoye Selo-- now Pushkin-- Russia, near St. Petersburg, on 1796-November-6 (New Style date 1796-November-17).

Catherine the Great continued the work begun by Tsar Peter the Great in putting Russia on par with the rest of Europe in the spheres of culture and politics. It was during the reign of Catherine the Great that Russia in 1783 annexed Crimea from the Ottoman Empire.

Sophie Friederike Auguste, Prinzessin (princess) von Anhalt-Zerbst, was daughter of a minor German prince named Christian August von Anhalt-Zerbst. Her mother was related to the dukes of Holstein.

Karl Ulrich, duke of Holstein-Gottorp, was a grandson of Tsar Peter the Great. He was also heir to the Russian throne by virtue of his position as grand duke Peter. In 1743, when Princess Sophie was 14, she was selected to be th wife of Karl Ulrich. In 1744, Princess Sophie arrived in Russia, and she assumed the title of Grand Duchess Catherine Alekseyevna. In 1745 Grand Duchess Catherine and Grand Duke Peter married.

-- Source

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