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If you can't yet do great things, do small things in a great way.

-- Napoleon Hill

About the Quote

Unless guided by supernatural forces, no one does great things in the blink of an eye (or at least immediately). For any team in any sport, the championship is won not during the final game or series of the playoff tournament but rather during the off-season prior.

Great things are in fact the culmination of a series of small things: dreaming, goal-setting, preparation, trial-and-error, corection, execution, and if necessary repetition prior to success. Each of these things can be broken down into smaller pieces. So we do each step one at a time and in sequence. As we do each step we do it to the best of our ability, even if course corrections are required.

Although nothing done by human beings is guaranteed to be great or successful, we improve the odds of doing something great if we do the small things well.

Some Information about Napoleon Hill

Oliver Napoleon Hill was born in Wise County, Virginia, US on 1883-October-26. He died in Greenville, South Carolina, US on 1970-November-8.

Napoleon Hill was a reporter, entrepreneur, and author. He is best known for his book Think and Grow Rich!, one of the best selling books of all time in the self-help genre.

When he was 10, Napoleon Hill's mother died. For a while his father James was raising his sons on his own. When he remarried, his new wife Martha became a strong influence on the future author.

When he was 15, Napoleon Hill worked for a group of rural newspapers as a freelance reporter. A few years later, Hill went to work for Bob Taylor's Magazine. This periodical offered advice on how to achieve wealth and the power that comes with it. The first big-name interview he had was with Andrew Carnegie, bilionaire owner of United States Steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US.

During the course of this interview, Carnegie suggested that a compilation of principles for achieving success was needed as the basis for a philosophy of accomplishment and achievement. This would include case studies of the greatest leaders in various fields (including, of course, business). In turn, this compilation of the principles of success would serve as inspiration to future generations of people striving to catch that brass ring of success.

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