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I believe that we're as happy in life as we make up our minds to be.

-- Lucille Ball

About the Quote

Being happy is a choice we make. Joy comes from bring happy. We will experience momentary unhappiness; after all, who wants to lose a job or go bankrupt or get rejected?

However, after the moment passes we have the opportunity to chose to remain unhappy or to move forward to becoming happy again. At this point, being happy is a choice. Once we choose to be happy, we do those whings which bring us that happiness. Happiness is contagious, and others can find themselves happy just from the happiness we experience ourselves.

More importantly, by choosing to be happy we allow ourselves to move forward in life to encounter opportunities for progress and growth. This doesn't happen if we chose to stay unhappy and frustrated. Being unhappy is also a thif of time: it prevents us from taking advantage of opportunities and it delays our happinesswhen it comes back on its own.

Some (More) Information about Lucille Ball

During parts of 1961 and 1962 Lucille Ball appeared on Broadway in a production called Wildcat. In 1962 she returned to television with The Lucy Show; this series ran from 1962 through 1968.

In 1967 she sold Desilu Productions to form her own company, Lucille Ball Productions. Here's Lucy (1968-1974) was her third television series, and the first procuded by Lucille Ball Productions. After 1974 she continued to appear on television as a guest star as well as a participant for special productions.

For two months in 1986 she starred in her fourth (and final) television series, Life with Lucy.

Lucille Ball had influenced generations of comedians, and she remains popular with the public to this day. In her honor, people from her birthplace of Jamestown, New York, US built The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center.

-- Source

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