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Don't look at your feet to see if you are doing it right. Just dance.

-- Anne Lamott

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If we look at our feet as we dance, we lose the moment. We miss out on the dance partner with us, or the audience watching us if we dance solo. We miss the experience of enjoying the music while we're concerned with our footwork. We don't notice the rush of endorphins we get from moving around carefree when we're worried about the mechanics of how to dance.

Perfectionism is a fool's errand: No one is perfect, and sooner or later we will make a mistake or fall victim to some flaw. When we start something, we go through a trial and error process, and at first the process is dominated by error. It's from these errors that we learn what works for us and what doesn't. After a while, the trial and error process gives way to a process of refinement or evolution. This is true for business, creative works, relationships, and nearly every other aspect of our lives.

Some Information about Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott was born in San Francisco, California, US on 1954-April-10.

She is an author of both novels and non-fiction content. She had also been a staff writer for WomenSports magazine, a magazine columnist, and a book reviewer.

Born in San Francisco, Anne Lamott grew up in Marin County. She completed two years of college before she returned home. Periodically she sent work to her father's literary agent, but nothing hapepned. Once her father was diagnosed with brain cancer, Lamott shifted her writing the focus of her short writing to the more immediate effects of cancer on the rest of the family. In 1980, these short pieces became the chapters used in her first novel, Hard Laughter.

These short pieces attracted the attention of Viking Press. Lamott was able to complete most of Hard Laughter before he died of brain caner.

In 1983 Viking Press also published Lamott's second novel, Rosie. In this novel, she writes about a young girl who moves from childhood into adolescence. As she becomes a young adult, she tries to make sense of her widowed mother's behavior; it turns out that while she presents to the world the appearance of a person who hs it all together, in private she deals with alcoholism.

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