Happy new year, Vietnamese traditional Tet

Hello everyone today is a very special day it is the first day of the new year according to the lunar new year calendar (lunar calendar is based on the rotation of the moon) and I will introduce to everyone today. What will we do now?

Well first I have to show everyone about our company's super big gift. Receiving a pretty big gift makes everyone very happy with this gift.

And this is a very happy face when I received this huge gift. Well, I bought that sting box, the company doesn't sponsor it hehe.

And this is after returning home, I have to clean my house to celebrate Tet. In Vietnam, there is a belief that you should clean your house to welcome a wonderful new year.
Actually, my house is quite small and I'm trying to save money so I can build a new, nicer house. According to the roadmap, I have only saved 2/10 of the house's value. this is so sad . I need to try harder.

My steed was also cleaned to welcome Tet hehe.

And this is my family's candy tray including cakes, candies, cashew nuts and chocolate, these things are very popular with children in Vietnam. Oh, I forgot my house also has grapefruit and dried sunflower seeds, which adults will like better hehe.

And here are red lucky money gifts for children to wish them a happy, healthy and successful new year.
Finally, happy new year everyone. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year

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