Terminal Ferry Langkawi-Bye Bye Langkawi

Hello everyone 👧.

After having our last tour on Langkawi Island at Underwater World Langkawi, we immediately headed to Terminal Ferry Langkawi, Kedah for our return trip to Pulau Pinang by ferry. We need to return the car we rent to the car rental shop nearby the terminal by 2.00pm. Since we arrived at the ferry terminal earlier around 1.15pm, we drove to McDonald's for a quick lunch near the ferry terminal.

We were disappointed that we were not able to have lunch inside the fast food chain restaurant. Despite waiting for over 15 minutes, no call from the waiter to pick up our food order from the food pick up counter. Then, my Sister questioned the waiter at the food ordering counter and we found out they had misplaced the order list for our food ordered.

We decided to cancel our plan to have lunch inside the restaurant since we were short of time. Instead, we ordered a takeaway for our lunch just now and decided to eat it inside the ferry terminal. At that time, it is peak lunch hour, so we have to wait 10 minutes or more for our food takeaway order. We expect free fries or drink as compensation for the restaurant mistake, but none was given when we collected our food. So sad 😕.

As soon as we returned the car rental to the owner, we walked to the ferry terminal, carrying our bags, luggage, and McDonald's food in a plastic bag. There are no chairs outside the waiting area of the ferry terminal. My Brother asked one of the terminal ferry's staff whether we could have our lunch inside the departure waiting area. The staff replied politely with a yes answer.

My Brother had bought the ferry tickets online in advance. Therefore, we skipped the queue directly to have our bags and luggage inspected at the immigration counter before entering the departure waiting area. At that time, the immigration officer ensured that we did not exceed our alcohol quota (one bottle is allowed per person) before leaving this duty free of Langkawi Island.

We still have 45 minutes left for our departure time at 3.00pm and not many people inside the departure waiting area yet. We sat on a bench near the toilet (for our last stop before entering the ferry) and television (for entertainment while waiting).

We also did not forget to enjoy our fast food lunch in the waiting area.

When we just entered the ferry, it's very chaotic. No personnel is responsible for guiding passengers to arrange their luggage. The passengers have to randomly search any available space to put their luggage before seated. It took us a while to arrange our luggage within a limited space.

Fortunately, passengers don't have to sit randomly, instead, they must sit on the appropriate number of seats that stated on their ticket. There are 4 seats in each row. The only person who separated from us was my Brother. He was seated on the other side not far from us.

The ferry ride took us almost 2 hours. During the ride, my Mum fell asleep beside me and my Sister watched a movie on her mobile phone. Like my Sister, I watched a movie that I had downloaded on my phone.

We finally reached on land after going out from the ferry. We were still in Kedah at that time. We walked to the parking lots where my Brother parked his car for three days during our travel trips at Langkawi Island.

On the way to the parking lot, my old handicapped luggage that I had mentioned before in my last post, was totally ruined. Due to the uneven road, the handle of my luggage was broken. I cannot pull my luggage anymore and have to carry it to my Brother's car. Sigh...this means that I definitely have to buy new luggage during my shopping trip in Penang.

Getting to Georgetown, Penang from the Terminal Ferry Kedah might take 2 hours by car. We did not stop by anywhere until we reached the homestay that we had booked at Georgetown. It's a tiring trip from Langkawi to Penang via ferry ride and car drive for over 4 hours. My Brother said we should use flight for returning to Penang from Langkawi for our next trip to Langkawi Island in the future if we got the chances.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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