Underwater World Langkawi, Kedah - Tour Inside The Large Aquarium

Hello everyone 👧.

My Sister and I both suffered muscle pains the next morning after our first full day of travel on Langkawi Island. Possibly the surprise nature trail my Mum took us on at SkyCab Langkawi and the long walks required for the entire day of our travel were the cause. As for my Mum and Brother, I'm not sure if they were affected or not. At 3:00pm, we are going to board a ferry to return to Penang for our next travel trip. Before that, our last stop before leaving Langkawi Island is Underwater World Langkawi, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the island.

The Underwater World Langkawi aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Malaysia with more than 4000 aquatic species. For my siblings and I, it's our first time entering a large aquarium building for a tour. Before, we visited many places that had aquarium attractions, but were not able to visit them because of the high ticket prices.

For Malaysians, the entry fee is RM43.00 (USD9.7), and half price for children. There is an additional price of RM10.00 (USD 2.3) for foreigners to visit this aquarium. The ticket price is considered lower than other famous large aquariums in Malaysia or perhaps we are affording it because my siblings and I are already working and earning our own money.

Amphibia and Reptile

The first thing we see are exotic frogs, snakes, lizards, and other related species. On the wall, you can find an informative introduction to the species inside the aquarium. It's like playing a puzzle with our eyes as we search for the frog or snake because their colors match the decorative in the aquarium.

Bird & Smallest Monkey

Next, we enter an indoor garden with many bird species. Some of the birds inside are flying above us. Thankfully, we were wearing hats to protect ourselves from bird poop.

Here, we played hide and seek with these birds. There were several birds that were listed on the informative board, but we were not able to find them, especially the white parrot.

Only one species of monkey lives in the indoor garden with these birds. Marmoset, is one of the smallest monkey species and I spotted 3 of them inside the garden.


A cylinder-shaped aquarium is also placed in the middle of the garden. Inside this aquarium, there are 2 or 3 large turtles. The turtles inside appear to be used to people looking at them as they keep swimming around the aquarium for people to see.

Many turtles have been stationed together with other species of fish in the aquarium building. I found a shy turtle that did not move with its head facing the wall. Inside a broken vase, I have no idea what type of fish with a turtle-like head lives beside this shy turtle.


Within the aquarium, we saw many types of fish, big and small, colorful and shiny. Until we saw enormous fish that made us stay longer to admire them.

It's a gigantic grouper fish with sexy lips looking at us. We were talking about kitchen matters at the time when we looked at it.

As below, we are underneath a gigantic stingray.

Some fish are not suitable for a bright environment. Got an aquarium room with dim lighting for this type of fish.


There is 10 minutes of performance from two seals. We are lucky that the show just started when we arrived at the seal's aquarium. Observing the seals, you can tell they have been well trained for performance. Even though the trainer had already left, the seals still entertained us without the trainers. They are friendly seals in my opinion.


Many types of penguins living in the same aquarium that look the same to me except for the King Penguin with yellow swag hair. I accidently overheard conversation between a local tourist and his wife and son revealed that there's an over 30 years old King Penguin inside this aquarium. I just wondered where he got this information from. Maybe I did not read the information board well enough to understand the details of these penguins inside the aquarium.

We wandered into the underground tunnel out of curiosity. The view inside was quite blurry but we still managed to see penguins swimming around above us. It's kind of sad that handicapped tourists with wheelchairs are unable to view this scenery as we need to enter the underground tunnel using a staircase. A tourist in a wheelchair accompanied by her daughter was touring with us during that time.

An ice cream and beverage stall is stationed in the penguin aquarium section for refreshment. However, the table seats were occupied by families and their children.

Create your penguin, want to test it out on this machine but not sure how to do it. There are no instructions anywhere on how to create a penguin. In the end, we just left and continued to the next section of the aquarium.


Jellyfish looks cute, but it is harmful to people when in contact with it directly on the skin.

Stingray & friends

These stingrays we saw weren't as large as the stingray in the same aquarium as the giant grouper fish we saw before. But the smaller one is more active than the gigantic one. We can differentiate the stingray by looking at its shape and skin pattern.

Besides these stingrays, other types of fish are also kept in the same aquarium.


We finally found sharks. My first time seeing a large shark in front of me. I saw sharks before and can't remember when, but it was a baby shark, not a large one.

Shells & Fossil

Our aquarium tour is almost over. Exiting the room with the aquarium, we still have things to see, which are aquatic shells and fossils.

Outside the Aquarium Room

After the shell and fossil room, there is a section where people can have fun and take pictures.

We had to wait for 30 minutes more for the next cinema aquatic show in a special room provided. We are regret that we were not able to experience this cinema show due to our time constraint and we had to leave Langkawi Island by ferry two hours later.

The last attraction to see is the outdoor garden. Among the outdoor garden's features were Koi fish, waterfalls, and shell-like species. Fish food is available for tourists to feed the Koi fish at a vending machine. We did not buy fish food as we already saw many tourists buy it and feed it to the Koi fish.

With the waterfall as the background, we snapped one (or many) last family picture at Underwater World Langkawi. We waited in line with other tourists in order to take pictures at that spot.

Souvenir & Duty Free Shop

We thought we would exit to the car park when we finished our tour at Underwater World Langkawi. Instead, we were directed to a souvenir and duty-free shop. We just bought chocolates that we didn't purchase at Pantai Cenang yesterday. I also bought one magnetic tag representing Underwater World Langkawi for my collection.

We spent 1 hour and 30 minutes exploring Underwater World Langkawi. If we want to enter the cinema aquatic show, I think we need 2 hours or more to fully enjoy the attractions inside Underwater World Langkawi.

Afterward, we proceeded directly to the Terminal Jetty to prepare ourselves for leaving Langkawi Island.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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