My journey and for a moment stopped at a tourist attraction in the capital

Hello friends.

How was your all. I really hope you guys have a good day and also fun, with your closest people, friends and family.

It's great today to be able to share my travel experiences a few days ago, let's just say this was my last trip this year, because tomorrow we will be in the new year, hopefully in the new year, there will be more time for us to go out and enjoy places we have never been to, and hopefully next year will be a year full of success for me, as well as you all .

A few days ago I traveled to a tourist spot located in our provincial capital, the location is only about 2 hours drive from the area where I live. Not too far.

This is one of several tourist attraction locations in the provincial capital. namely the province of Aceh. If you are an Indonesian citizen then you know about Aceh. But let me explain a little and introduce this region to our other friends from different countries.

Aceh is located on one of Indonesia's most popular islands, namely on the island of Sumatra, this area is also known for the friendliness of its people, its unique culinary delights and there are also many tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

This deer park tourist spot, for example, is just a small part of the many beautiful places in our area. because a few days ago I had the opportunity to visit this place and I was able to capture some selfies while I was here.

But my trip yesterday coincided with other agendas, so I didn't have time to explore all sides of this place, I only had the opportunity to stop for a few hours. Not too perfect indeed, but believe me, next time I will come back to this place to be able to linger and explore all the corners of this beautiful place.

There you can see a pond, or let's call it a lake, lake that surrounds the location of this tourist attraction. The atmosphere here is really very cool and soothing, the view of the windmills that can be seen there is also very good.

Within the location of this tourist attraction there are several restaurants that provide various kinds of food and drinks, also here there are several types of captive animals, such as deer, crocodiles and beautiful birds and several other types of animals, but, Forgive me, this time I don't have much time to explore all parts of this place.

Apart from that, there are also various types of games and attractions that are fighting balls, such as swings and a play area for children, so it is perfect for those of you who want to visit this place with your extended family.

That's all I can share today with all my friends here, A short trip to one of the tourist attractions in our provincial capital, a trip together with other agendas is not very satisfying, but believe me, next time I will take you to explore all this beautiful corner.

I am happy if all of you are willing to stop by and provide feedback on my post, I am a beginner who still has many shortcomings in making a post look attractive and impressive.
Thank you and see you again in my next post.

IMG-20221230-WA0026.jpgI am RHANIA from Indonesia. A woman who likes to travel, likes to be curious, hardworking, doesn't really care about the bitterness of reality. Just live life and hope to always be a good person from year to year
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