High Peak Pantan Eggplant (Pantan Terong) Central Aceh || On the way home I had an accident

Hello all friends, how are you all on this day, hopefully we are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

On this occasion I want to share some pictures that I have prepared when I went to a very popular tourist spot. On Sunday, my friends and I went to Central Aceh or the city of Takengon to visit local and foreign tourist attractions there. The name of this tourist spot is pantan eggplant (pantan Terong. Pantan eggplant (Pantan Terong) has become the most popular destination in recent years in the Tangerang city area. The location of this tourist spot is above an altitude of 1360 m above sea level which makes this place very cool with the air and if we are new to this place, of course we have to wear a jacket so it is not too cold.

Pantan eggplant (Pantan Terong) is located in Ulu Nuih village, Bebesen sub-district in Central Aceh district, Aceh province, Indonesia. From where I live to go to this tourist location it is more than 100 km and we have to pass through high mountains to get to the destination of these tourist attractions. From the area where I live to go to the city of Takengon, there are two routes that we can access, the first is the route that crosses the Bireuen road and the city of Takengon and the other one goes through Mount Salak. But yesterday, Sunday, we went through the road on Mount Salak because from our area it was faster or closer to use the path that passed through Mount Salak.

the feeling on the way we can enjoy the atmosphere of the mountain atmosphere which is so cool and we can see the beautiful scenery in the mountains along with the plants or flowers that are on the side of the road that grow very fertile. It is also considered a highland in the province of Aceh which has very fertile soil so that there are a lot of plants that live very well there. In addition, the Takengon plateau also has a special plant, namely coffee. There is indeed famous for Gayo coffee which is already everywhere and of course everyone who goes to the highlands of that style of course when they return home they always bring souvenirs, namely Gayo Arabica coffee.

So last Sunday, we and our friends went to the tourist spot, leaving in the morning and returning at night. On the way home I had an accident because at that time my Honda brakes were not good or not. So my friend and I who were sitting behind me fell and got a little scratched at that time. But I am very grateful that my friend and I who fell did not have serious injuries and my vehicle was not too badly damaged. Alright friends, here I will show you some pictures on our trip yesterday.

On the way we have to pass through a very high incline to get to our destination. Because this place has a fairly high altitude, the road that reaches this place is also very difficult if we are not used to such roads. I was waiting guys so stopped for a while at this place and I took some pictures at that time. I asked my friend to take some pictures of me while in the middle of this climb. Here we can see very nice and beautiful mountains located in the area It was also very cold at that time I wore a jacket and bag in front and wore a yellow cap to have a little warmth to that feeling.

As I said in the Gayo highlands, they also have very fertile soil, so they are very famous for coffee plants that have been worldwide.When I stopped I also took some pictures of the coffee plants that were there and we could see that the coffee plants were so fertile and fruitful there.Farmers in the Central Aceh region are always active in the field of coffee as a general pursuit for them. Almost everyone who lives in the area has their own coffee plantation so that they can produce very delicious coffees to be exported anywhere.Aceh province is also one of the provinces with lots of coffee shops and some say it is a province that has 1000 coffee shops. So it's no wonder if we see the coffee plants that are there are so fertile because every farmer always takes care of the plants they maintain. In addition to having coffee plants in Gayo land, it is also very good for us to plant other plants, both vegetables and other plants that can benefit the community.

Arrive at the location of the eggplant Pantan tourist spot. There we can see that there is an inscription colored in red and white which is quite large. Of course, every visitor they always take pictures in that place to prove that they have climbed to this place.At that time I also asked my friend to take pictures of me several times with my smartphone in the article. So everyone who has climbed to the top of this eggplant Pantan if they don't take pictures here then it is not considered that they have climbed to this place. With red and white paint as the color of the Indonesian flag, of course this place is very good, we can see various kinds of scenery from above this place.

In a beautiful place as I have shown in the picture, of course, every visitor is very happy when they have seen the beautiful scenery.At that time I always asked my friends to take some pictures of me in a beautiful place that could see a hill far away in the middle of the mountains there In the city of Takengon.I also brought some clothes with me when I went because my plan was to take pictures there. I didn't only have one outfit but I had several clothes. the air at the top of Pantan Eggplant is also very cold and when we care, the weather is not too cloudy, but the people there say that it is always drizzling in the afternoon.In the cold city of Takengon, there are indeed many tourist attractions that are suitable for us to visit, both for local tourism and foreign tourism. We spent about 2 hours at the top of the Eggplant Pantan Mountain while enjoying the beauty that was there. Indeed, from there we can see the city of Takengon and the fresh sea that is close to the city with a view that is so clear and so beautiful. For tourists who go to Central Aceh district, of course, they can go here to see the extraordinary natural conditions from above. there are also many tourists from abroad who enjoy the state of the mountain peak.

There are several writings that have been placed there, there are writings carved in stone which are written with the meaning of the inauguration of the latest tourist attractions in Central Aceh. There are also words written as welcome to the tourist spot and the name of a shop that is there.

In addition to the eggplant pantan tourist spot, there is also another tourist spot which was recently inaugurated by the local government. The tourist spot was also just about to be developed and there it was named Batu Susun. Because on the mountain in the tourist spot there are several stones that are arranged very neatly on top of the mountain. Maybe soon this tourist spot will also be built into a good tourist spot like Pantan eggplant.

When I came home from Pantan Terong I had a little accident on the derivative there. During the descent, my train brakes failed so I had to jump off the train and let go of the train. I jumped onto one of the grass that was there just to be a little safer and if I fell on the asphalt it might be very dangerous.So if you fall to the right it is very dangerous because the abyss is very deep. And then I tried to save the train before I jumped, I steered the carriage slightly to the left so as not to fall into the ravine and I also jumped to the left. My friend behind him I told him to jump first but he didn't want to so I jumped first and he fell along with the train. And we are very grateful that we are not too severe and only experience a little pain in the thighs and hands. I can not imagine if it fell to the right which has a very deep chasm. Indeed, for automatic vehicles, it is very dangerous to go to the eggplant pantan, because when we go home we are in danger, k Because the derivative is very long and if we ride the matic, of course, the brakes are certainly not there and it is very dangerous. And the picture above is when I got home the atmosphere started to fog up, the rain had also started to drizzle and my body condition was already sore because I had fallen from there.

That night when I got home I immediately rested and the next day I went to a repair shop in my area to repair my vehicle.My vehicle had some damage and the engine cover had a small hole in it so I had to stick it right away.In other parts there are also some. It's broken and I need to fix it right away. And at that time, I asked to replace the brake rubber so that we could be more aware of road safety.

Maybe that's all I can share on this occasion, and hopefully with some of these pictures it can entertain all of you. Thank you to all the community who have given me encouragement and support and see you later in my next post.

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