Stachytarpheta cayennensis


friends On this occasion I greet you again where I am of course very happy to be back and also to be able to see you here again and of course I have certainly given very interesting things before and On this occasion I will again give wrong one thing for you is about photography where photography is certainly an interesting thing for me

today again I want to share one of the photography of flowers with you where this flower is a flower that is very easy to find around our neighborhood but because this flower is not a plant that is of course cared for, it grows alone there wildly and of course I just had the chance to take a picture and I was very happy

The flowers picked on this occasion are wildflowers but don't have the smell as before. After smelling the flower but on this occasion of course I have to tell you so you can find out without giving other things and input, therefore on this occasion I share this with my friends and also the photo that I have taken has I edited in such a way and on this occasion of course I share it with friends.

Do friends often see the flowers that I share? On this occasion, if you do see them often, please leave your comments below so that I can of course also share things and also what I felt when I took the flowers. How about you please leave your comments below because I also hope friends' comments here






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