New Town Hall in Clash of Clans and its time to upgrade. Playing the usual games on Hive too.

Wassup, to all the Gamers on Hive. Hope the day is going your way and the weather is ok where ever you may be at.

Im touching on 4 different games that i play almost every day. 3 are Hive games, the other 1 is none other than Clash of Clans. There is a new update that takes the town hall to level 15. This game is quite old now (as am i) and i have been playing for about 7 years now (hard to believe). Its always fresh and exciting to get an update with new troops, new levels for buildings and of course the new town hall.


This is a pretty maxed out town hall 14 and I am....the Deadly Duck. Been on the same clan for past few years. The game itself is slowly drying up but its holding on to quite a base of fans still. I played pretty consistently for all these years but recently didnt play for a few months. Just a month ago i started back up.

Im about to use a hammer, with points from league wars, to do an instant upgrade on the town hall.

(Overview of my base with the town hall selected)

let the hammer strike and upgrade

...and there ya go. Pretty exciting. Although now its the same old mission, do battles to get loot, and keep upgrading. Theres many things theyve added over time including league wars, a weekend raid, a builder base. Its all a bit too much to explain here right now. Otherwise, going to wrap up here, do a couple battles, begin an upgrade or two and move on.


Ahhh, good ol Splinterlands. Finally close to Gold II, but what a mission as its been lately.

I did happen to upgrade my Tide Biter as i had talked about with @joetunex, and he knows im an absolute madman who said i would try to stop buying cards. It came in useful on this battle.

That speed is cool, and paired with River Hellondale has the increase in melee attack. The opponent had a similar lineup and it was a good battle.


  1. Diemonshark
  2. Tide Biter
  3. River Hellondale
  4. Pelacor Bandit
  5. Creeping Ooze
  6. Pirate Captain

Fast forward to round 3 but they are really duking it out and the Tide Biter is putting in some work with that reflection shield.

End result is.....

All my team still standing.


Got all my available land sowed with seeds and crops are growing. Ive had a lucky quest list this season and most are already completed.

Not much to do but to let em grow for now, nothing to harvest at the moment.


Level: 112
Fans: 82500
Luck: 17831
Skill: 121184
IM: 1652

Total Cards: 2292

Ive been stacking up on cards every few days, still searching and hoping for a legend card but no luck yet. Maybe not ever, who knows. Couple handfuls of Epic cards in total and the starbits per mission keep going up which is nice.

Cheers to all my fellow hivers whom help to support my posts, and cheers to good days ya beasts. Im going to sleep now.

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