Let’s all become legends together #16

Are you legends? Yes, you are all potential legends, but for that, you need to comment on us, say what you want, a legendary phrase, a joke, anything that comes to your mind, and we will broadcast you as a legend on our posts.

Everything this account earns, whether in HIVE HBD TOKENS TIPS others, will be put into HIVE POWER, one day the legend will vote for you, with a significant vote, for the moment the legend fills its chest with small pieces, one day you will no longer see the bottom of this wooden chest which for the moment looks empty, you hear the echo at the bottom of the chest when you throw a coin , it means that the bottom is still not filled .

If you comment on the legend with your most beautiful sentence , the legend will advertise you by quoting your message and your last post. ( under certain conditions that we will not reveal for the moment )

The legends of the day are :






Thank you to all these beautiful legends, so we made a vote ( unfortunately without value currently , the legend has not yet reached its “ prime ”)

Then , the legend as usual has everything “ unstacked ” on hive-engine and resold everything, to make future HIVE that it will put in HIVE POWER .

See you later dear legend, you will find below the last post of our legends who support and comment on our posts ( some support the legend on other networks , but for the moment the legend remains discreet )

The legend managed to have 1 SWAP.HIVE , and will therefore add it to its HP The 20 HIVE POWER is coming little by little .








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