Hive and Hive Engine Power Up Day - April 2024

Hey Hivers,

It's already April 1st. I guess it's April's fool day, but there is something much more important: Hive Power Up day! As usual, most of the day went by so quick it's already the evening when I am trying to post this. Once again, it was a successful Power Up Month, and Power Up Day. As it is now tradition, let's use the opportunity to review my account details, its growth, and the various next goals and targets.


We always start with Hive, let's not change that! As mentioned, I managed to complete another PUM. In order to do that, I use the 100% Powered up option for most of my posts. That explains why accumulating HBD, and liquid Hive is quite challenging. Anyways, the official Power Up today is again 10.666 HP.

Also, to not break with the tradition, I pushed a tiny amount of HBD to Savings. Now that Hive price is going up, maybe I should try and add a bit more HBD to my savings. But for now, I am still more focused on increasing my HP. So, only 0.666 HBD it was again!

The account growth was also without any major surprise, quite steady and consistent. Almost linear as usual. Starting with 5099HP, I was able to add 126HP for a total at 5225HP. I chose the wrong month to increase my target to 4.5HP daily. With Hive price increase and a small slow down in my rewards, I could not reach it. However, it stayed above my previous 4HP daily target, so I guess this is still a pretty good month.

Adding today's Power Up, we are now at 5235HP for a total increase of 136HP in March! That's less than the past few months, but again considering the Hive price, the dollar amount would actually be higher. And the account is still growing quite consistently, that is of course the main objective.


Even my reduced 450k SPORTS monthly target was missed in March. With about 422k added to my Power, this is not a bad month. But not enough! We should still be able to reach 20M in the next few months.


No change on the We Are Alive tribe front. Still many things on hold, but that didn't stop me from staking all that I could. I am sure it will come back to normal soon. With almost 600AP added to my Power in March, it's actually my best month in a while. Like I said, I will be ready when all ALIVE activities resume.


I missed again my 1000 PHOTO monthly target. But at least, it was better than last month with about 850 added to my stake. I will have a little bit of thinking to do for this one. I used to delegate a bunch of PHOTO to LOLZ project for farming rewards, but they dropped this one. I may provide some of them to Liquidity Pools, not sure yet. In any case, like mentioned last month, the 1000 monthly target may need some revising.


It was a good month for my LOLZ! With about 256 added to my stake, it's one of my best months! Even above my 200-250 target range. It might reduce next month though, because they dropped several of the tokens I was delegating for farming rewards.


  • I think the 4.5HP daily target was a bit too high, especially at the current Hive price. But I don't want to give up after just one month. So I will try again in April
  • We weren't too far off from my 450k SPORTS monthly target, so let's try this again!
  • I've reached my 500AP monthly target twice in a row, but I will not increase it just yet. Let's see if we can just reach it again in April
  • I said last month I would reduce my PHOTO target if I missed it again. So let's make it 750 per month. Unless I put many in LP, I think this is doable.
  • Like I said, it might be difficult without some of the farming rewards, but no change for LOLZ, still a 200-250 target range
  • Not too sure what's happening with CTP, but in any case I am not really paying attention to it anymore. We'll see if it's revived later.
  • I will keep adding small amounts to my diesel pools, and drip tokens. However, just like most people, I am very concerned with DHEDGE/DVS. It's completely out of order right now, and no news or info about it. Hopefully it will resume soon, I liked this project.

And that is is it! Let's repeat it again: consistent and steady growth! It's a good thing, because that's my main objective! So let's keep at it!

Hive on y'all and have a great April!

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