Participants in the automatic draws of the SORT token ~ Week 62 ~

News of the week:

  • A special week for Halving but quite normal for us in the SORT token. Growth remains strong and the token is progressing well.
    This week will be a little strange because I have to go on a trip and I don't know if I will be able to do all the draws but I will do my best to do it. If I can't make anyone get nervous, I'll continue here, don't hesitate.
    As I said before, Halving has not changed the horizon much and our profits have not changed much. On the other hand, the token selling pressure has ceased a little but I still have to get a buy wall that is much closer to the token sale price. Above all to be able to give an output closer to the real value of the token.

  • We have started to accept HP delegations to the @lasort account to distribute SORT. We have already received 1578 delegated HP and this, together with our organic growth, means that we are already at 3,000 HP of voting power.

  • Our pool management is possibly what makes the difference to achieve great returns and it is working excellently.

  • We are starting to do opportunistic arbitrage to improve performance.

  • We launch the Stardom Play Cards raffle, which is a fantastic game that we recommend.

  • Investments are working very well and there are very good options on the market.

  • New tokens sold means more voting power and better prizes coming soon.

  • This week we have added some Card specials Stardom Play so you can do the missions.

  • We continue to grow week by week and improve the prizes.

  • Increase our voting power

The raffles begin and I wish all the participants good luck.

Remember that you have a ticket for every 10 SORT tokens and that the winners will be announced throughout the week with their respective publications.



First draw

  • 4 HSBI shares

Second draw (nfts)

  • i154 Chime Bar
  • i163 Gater 30GT
  • i164 Blue Trombone
  • i165 BK TOY
  • i180 IC21x

Third Draw

  • 200 CCD
  • 0,10 PWR
  • 6 ALIVE

The prizes will increase week by week as the token gains traction.

If you like draws and you like to receive dividends, the token that has everything "SORT" has arrived.
Perpetual lottery ticket that distributes dividends 1 Ticket for every 10 Sort Tokens Gives the right to participate in multiple raffles without the need to sign up.
You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

Report for delegators of SORT
Token Sort White Paper
TOKENOMICS of the SORT token in detail.
SORT Token Utilities
Use of resources obtained from the sale of the SORT token
Use of the returns obtained by the SORT token
Draws for pre-sale buyers

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