FreeCompliments Community Post Rewards for March 1, 2024

Happy day to everyone! This is a daily post listing all of rewards delivered to the posts written on the FreeCompliments Community. The purpose of this post is to provide the posters and the public transparency into how we're rewarding the posts, all in one easy-to-see post. All rewards listed are in addition to the standard curation provided by our curation account.

Posts containing illegal content, spam, and plagiarism are unequivocally disqualified from rewards.

Thank you to all of our posters, and we hope that you enjoy our curation and rewards. 😊

Post Rewards

HSBI DAILY GIVEAWAY #115 (Special : 2 Winners) by @vrezyy - 1 HSBI

[SNAPSHOT] Splinterlands GIVEAWAYS #511 // not more than $0.147 // CARD ONLY by @vrezion - 1 HSBI

Daily Splinterlands Card + 100 SCRAP Giveaway#37 by @evih - 1 HSBI

Socks make you happy❀️ by @city-of-berlin - 2 HSBI

Selection of the best articles about Games and eSports in Hive ~ 461 by - 1 HSBI

Game cinematic contest: 2 HSBI + 150 Ecency points Giveaway (En-Fr) and New HSBI blog game "LE VILLAGE" Day -3 by @servelle - 1 HSBI

Tattoos yes or tattoos no by @florakese - 2 HSBI

Splinterlands πŸ‰ | Ranked Overhaul is Here! EOS Rewards & Brawls [EN/PT-BR] by @rimurutempest - 1 HSBI

Token value update, news and dividend distribution token SORT 10 by @lasort - 1 HSBI

Save Water, Save the Planet by @legendwushu - 3 HSBI + A 3 Day Promotion

Scrap Giveaway #219 [TerraCore] by @konkester - 1 HSBI

A Refreshing Break (for My Kids) from Electronics by @bulliontools - 1 HSBI

Secretly Enjoying Planning A Mommy Daughter Trip by @thisismylife - 3 HSBI + A 2 Day Promotion

FITNESS FRIDAYS: Powering You Up and Hive Power Up Day by @dewabrata - 3 HSBI + A 3 Day Promotion

An open letter to all farmer's|Let the voice raise |Be the Ist to fight|#Agriculture |#Farmers |Land rights. by @irfanm - 2 HSBI + A 2 Day Promotion

Invisible [Poetry] by @kemmyb - 3 HSBI


Strike strike strike ... Is our money OK? Maybe not. / γΎγŸγ‚Ήγƒˆγ€ε£Šγ‚ŒγŸγŠι‡‘γ‚’η›΄γ•γͺいと by @akipponn - 2 HSBI

Gaming HSBI #9 [ESP/ENG] by @daddydog - 1 HSBI

If you create a post and engage in this community, you too will be eligible to receive such rewards - and possibly even more. Have a fantastic day!

Disclaimer: @legendwushu will be a beneficiary for this post for his reward curation services.

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