[IYC Seating Accommodations Contest] Cute benches in Songpa District

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I love different contests, competitions, events, etc... They have a special atmosphere. And today I want to participate in IYC Seating Accommodations Contest hosted by @Introduce Your City Community.

Maybe you know that Korea is a very creative and super cute country. Why? Because even governmental organizations decorated with cute stuff.

Last year, the local municipality decided to create new zones where people can take a rest, walk, enjoy the outdoors. And they created a walking path around the district.


While walking you probably would like to take a rest and sit down for a while. So... They installed super cute benches...

If you walk alone, you can sit near to these cute characters which are our district official characters :)


Such seating accommodations play 2 main roles... First of all, it is a seat where everyone can take a rest. And, at the same time, it is local sightseeing. And many people come here just to look at them! So, it helps to develop local travel too.

Join IYC Seating Accommodations Contest and tell us about your local seating accommodations!

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