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I couldn’t believe the revelation by the mysterious figure. I looked around and noticed nothing more out of the ordinary but a peculiar thing about the serenity of the environment is its colourless atmosphere. The man seems to know something I do not. He extended his right hand to me, beckoning for me to take his hand. I took hold of his hand as he led me toward a gate that is just a few metres away. The gate he said, “is designed to sift the chaff from the grain”. He paused for a moment after uttering the words and then gazed into my eyes like a parent about to rebuke her child for disobedience.

“Is… something… the… ma…mat…ter?” I managed to mutter in fright as his gaze continued to burn into my soul with such hellish intensity. The mysterious figure, whose face was as blurry as a painting that is yet to be completed finally withdrew his eyes from mine. He let go of me and pointed his finger toward the distant gate which he had tried leading me to without success. “There, you MUST go!”
His voice this time sounded like a mix of roaring thunder, a ferocious sea wave and a terrible rainstorm.

Like a soldier that is disciplined to follow direct orders, I immediately raced toward the gate to escape this stranger. But the more I moved toward it, the farther it got away from me. The inexplicable nature of my situation caused me to fear for my life even more. And as I tried to escape this reality and the sheer malice of the unknown danger lurking behind me, I suddenly remembered the words of the mysterious figure when I woke up in this reality. “To end the game, take off your head…set.”

The revelation he gave me then made me realise that my commitment to virtual reality games is too surreal. And just like a haunted self desired dream, I took off the VR goggles, picked up my backpack from the floor and ran to join up with my friends at the arcade game floor.

“‘Dreamer Land’ VR game is just too intense for me. Certainly not playing that again.” I said to myself as I approached my friends who appeared to be having fun at the arcade.

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