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Since I can remember, I have been characterized by being very dreamy in every way, I always imagined a world where we can all be happy, free of pain, that no one would have difficulties, that we can achieve, these things among all, were my expectations. Until I grew up and I came across some realities that were not at all pleasant; selfish people, without empathy, without compassion..., then I began to realize that I was going to do a marathon task and that it did not depend on me only to achieve my dream....

In my first years I was filled with a lot of frustration, seeing so many injustices in so many places, so much imbalance; until I began to understand that I could not change the world, that I was only one person, but that I could change my personal perceptions and be clear of my limitations both to contribute to others and also to give to others and put my grain of sand for my fellow men and for myself. One of the things in which I know I will leave my mark in this world, is to form women and a good man who learn to love this planet....

That they respect nature, that they teach their children the principles and values that I am instilling in them and perhaps, when I am no longer in these lands, the world will be the one I dreamed in the beginning in my childhood and dreams of youth; we just have to start working for what we long for and get our way to do it, not all of us have the same dreams and projects, but we can do, so that everyone can work together, to have a better life. From dreams are born the most beautiful realities...

I came to this My Dream Contest from the hands of my beautiful @annafenix, thanks to her kind invitation; that's why I also invite @actioncats and @popurri.

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