Share your Battle #19: Katrelba Gobson

Hi there fellow Hivians and Splinterlands fans! Here we are for another #shareyourbattle hosted by @splinterlands.

And because i really don't enjoy playing the Life splinter, this entry something else than the Temporal Master...

The star of this post is: Katrelba Gobson

When you are not in guild or don't play the guild brawls, chances are you haven't seen this card in the wild. But if you do and obtained this card from a Gladius Case, you should really put it to the test in one of your brawls, if you fancy playing with the earth splinter that is.

With a cost of 6 mana you'll add a small killer to your team. With Double Strike, 2 attack and Sneak it's the perfect meany to take your opponents out. Starting in the back, she works her way to the front, becoming more powerful with each kill 😎😁

Cost for having this beauty on your side

Well, her dedication for you team can't be bought. So you must be a lucky one when she decides to pop out of Gladius Case.

Normal Foil (level 1)Gold Foil (level 3)
Cost2000 Merits per Gladius Case

The Battle

The rules:

  • 36 Mana cap
  • Heavy Hitters
  • Up Close & Personal

And line-up :

Mylor Crowling

Thorn in an all Melee battle. Heck Yes!


Who doesn't want to strike twice?

Bramble Pixie

Serious attacking power on Reach.


Speeding up the pack.

Katrelba Gobson

Look at that smile... She's ready to take them all out.


Despite being slow, once it attacks most monster will be buried after just 1 hit of the worm of death.

Fungus Fiend

Free Opportunity and Sneak target practice.

Click on the image to see the full battle

Yay or Nay

A definite Yay. Almost all opponents i faced will put low health monster in the back of there line-up, which is perfect to power-up Katrelba to take out the high health or shielded front-line opponents. If i have space to put her in battle, i will definitely do!

Thanks for reading, and a like and follow would be highly appreciated!

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