Battling with the sneaky snake of death: Silent Sha-Vi

Welcome Splinterland players to another entry for my favorite card game of 2022.

Last week we did a life splinter battle, and now we do one with the splinter i use most besides the earth splinter, DEATH. And not only the splinter, but also one of the cards i use in most of my battles and headline of this week. The snake of death which goes by the name of Silent Sha-Vi.

Silent Sha-Vi

Silent Sha-Vi stats

A sneaking death snake of level 1 is currently setting you back around $0.125, and a $1.76 for a level 3 with a sweet gold foil on it. For renting it cost 0.1 Dec for a level 1.

Pro's, Con's and Uses


  • Sneak.
  • High Speed.
  • High Health


  • Mid level mana costs

For most of my battles i use this card because it is one of the few death cards that has the sneak ability. It works great against those pesky life setups where they have the Pelacor Arbalest, Portal Spinner or Herbalist in the back. This card in combination with some magic can do real damage real quick against those teams.

Where does it shine:

  • Mid level mana cap games (Between 19 to 30 mana)
  • Stampede: Because most opponents (in lower leagues) use the most mana on their tank, the back cards are neglected. Because of it's sneak abillity in combination with stampede, its possible for this card to take out multiple opponents in one turn.
  • Up close and personal: Silent Sha-vi fits perfectly in a melee only battle.
  • odd_ones_out Odd ones out: The rule-set of only odd mana cards, and with a cost of 5 mana, why shouldn't you add it?


Link to the full battle

Battle details

The battle was played according to these rules:

  • Rule sets: Normal ruleset
  • Mana cap: 30

My line-up:

  • Summoner: Owster Rotwell, Reflect. My opponent used 5 earth teams in a row, so what summoner is better to use against some magic?
  • 1st line: Bone Golem. With Void, defense and high attack, this is a great tank against magic based opponents.
  • 2nd line: Chaos Agent.
  • 3rd line: Carrion Shade.
  • 4th line: Magi Necrosi. A great magic card to use with snipe and camouflage. And with 2 magic attack this one can be a real game-changer.
  • 5th line: Silent Sha-Vi. The sneak attacker. For some game i use it as a backer, but now it's used to give the closer some space.
  • 6th line: Lira the Dark. Great range attacker with Opportunity and Snare which are great against flying monsters like the Regal Peryton.

Did the tactic work?

As you can see in the battle log, the choice of Owster works great against magic based opponents, damaging the monsters on every turn they take. And like i said at the beginning, most players or bots spend all of there mana on the tank, leaving lower cards in the back, which can be taken out in 1 hit by the SIlent Sha-Vi.

Would you use it again?

Definitely. It's a great card for many reasons, and i always try to add it to the team.

I hope you enjoyed my entry for this weeks battle, and if you do, don't forget to like and follow!

Hope to see you on the battlefield or in the next share your battle by @splinterlands!

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