Splinterlands: Extra tip for Equalizer rule + Monster Prices

Some of the little known mistakes that can lead you to defeat in Splinterlands is the simple fact of trying to take advantage of the Equalizer rule in the wrong way with its proposal, but what is in this rule that can benefit or harm us?


This rule adds the maximum health points to all your monsters in battle based on the monster with the most health points, I don't know if this fits into disadvantages or advantages due to the fact that at the same time it adds the benefit to both players can also harm them so there's a point to get up.

Why not use high health monsters?

Before understanding a little more about Splinterlands and its battle mechanics, of course, emphasizing here that all content is intended for new & intermediate players as I can't fit this context for higher level players since I'm not a professional or anything like that. like, but to understand better we can compare two options of tanks to have a better example.

Both chosen belong to the Chaos Legion collection and are legendary monsters
I selected it only with a focus on its initial level because as already mentioned above it is an intermediate level tutorial Bronze / Silver or Gold III

My first choice for a tank was LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR due to its good resistance with armor and acceptable maximum health for magical surprises although thanks to its ability Void Armor it makes it safe from possible magic combos reflecting on its shield and not directly on its health, with a two-point physical attack per turn in addition to speed also only contains two points.
Second BAAKJIRA which contains a good amount of maximum health in addition to the combination of being able to nullify or reduce magic attacks thanks to its initial ability Void making it advantageous against magical compositions, but we know that when you have this rule in play the magic attack does not it is the focus of the attacker since most of them also look for monsters with high health and medium attack and magic monsters are almost always the opposite of that: high attack, low hitpoints.

Even the second monster granting a higher survivability referring to maximum health points (11) compared to the first one of only (6) would be losing one attack per turn since it doesn't have any action becoming a discard card / or / support card , what we really need in battles with this rule is monsters that can hit the frontline in greater quantity and intensity in the shortest turn possible, so losing any attacker is something that is not recommended even if it is necessary to save a little on the health advantage maximum of your monsters.

Focus only on attack?

The answer is no! Yes I'm talking about leaving aside just the fact that the monster has a good amount of points and not caring about its attack just trusting that your team will keep up with it, I've battled against complete teams with the focus of keeping their tank alive with Tank Heal and Repair keeping himself safe until the moment he received two attacks from Recharge that ended up breaking his entire strategy, for those who haven't seen this skill yet it allows our monster to triple its attack at 3x being magical or physical at the cost of losing a turn every recharge, with this explanation can we then strongly recommend a monster that has this type of attack in addition to an average maximum health? Then we can invoke URIEL THE PURIFIER

In a way there is a prejudice with this monster in some battles, for the simple fact that its advantage in some occasions can complicate the same since its attack can be lost in armor, however the fact that cannot be ignored is that it contains a good choice of initial attributes (Not to mention that at his next level he acquires the skill Heal) a team composed with this skill of Recharge since with the benefit of shared life among the other monsters, everyone would have 11 points, as examples we can then say that our composition would include the following monsters:


Adding all the attack that turn we would have counting only the 3 monsters excluding the others: 21 rounded damage removing the ability possibilities like Void, Shield or Giant Killer

Cost of purchase cards

Uriel the Purifier$5.34
Ifrit Rising$1.33
Zyvax Vuul$1.79
Legionnaire Alvar$5.03

My link Splinterlands: https://splinterlands.com/?ref=diskordoba

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