The storm is moving! Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 17 Report 16.02.2023

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Hey Splinters!

The new season brings us new award cards, more excitement in the rental market, and great end-of-season awards. (I definitely like mine.) Another change is, as always, another opportunity for those who can read between the lines. The bot farms stopped for a while, but then resumed their activity. Either way, we'll need a few more seasons to figure out where we're going.

And I'm still continuing to accumulate cards and buy them from the market to put together the perfect deck to play in the Wild Gold League. For now, that's the primary goal. More cards will be needed after the land's launch, so cards are still a priority.

I will do all of my thoughts today, mostly based on the numbers @kiokizz report SplinterStats. And not only!

I will also show my acquisitions from this season and see how it has affected my game. Let's go!

Match Report


My Ratio (Win/Loss) of 2.92 is up again from 1.83. Also increased the Longest Streak score again with 19 battles.

The numbers look unrealistic, so I'll have to keep an eye on them for the next few seasons. But definitely with the purchase of new cards, my results are getting better with each battle. Also, little by little, new reward cards are being collected and upgraded. I'll show mine just below. For now, I will say that I like the potential of many cards. Getting new players into the game has gotten even a little easier, actually.

I've seen a lot of players like soulbond cards, and there are even new strategies for playing with them. After a whole season, I still have the same question:⬇️

What's your favorite new reward card?

Rewards Report


This season, I got 4 gold foil cards and 4 legendary cards. I don't recall such a catch in my entire history of playing Splinterlands. Definitely, these stats are pleasing to the eye, as is the beauty of the cards that have fallen out.

Let's visually compare this season's prizes with those of the previous season using

The season under consideration ⬇️


Previous Season ⬇️


Wouldn't you agree that they are beautiful?

Rental Report


Rental income dropped by half again, which is not surprising. Bots haven't played for a while, and players have been accumulating new cards to use in battles. Despite this, I'll still stick with my plan to accumulate cards and build my champion deck for now.

Thus, I move seamlessly on to my purchases for this season.

The screenshot above shows my purchases for this month. So in my deck grew two monsters ⬇️

I also want to show you my favorite soulbond after RAVENHOOD WARDEN. And that too will be the monster of the death splinter. The legendary SKOK DUSKBLIGHT ⬇️


For 8 mana we get a mage who can train neighboring monsters with half their attack magic if those monsters have no attack. That's how you can make a dream team out of a pretty harmless card). Anyway, I'm looking forward to this card to try it out in a battle!

In the meantime, I suggest watching the battle with the new soulbond card COASTAL SENTRY splinter of water.


Watch the battle

SPS Report

SPS awards have doubled. I'm not sure if these numbers are correct, so I won't focus on it yet.


I still need to collect two CL summoners up to level 4. It's a splinter of fire and life. Especially since there are a few cards that would fit nicely into a few battle strategies. Before the prices creep up, you need to do it in time.

To have a better chance of getting legendary cards and gold foil cards, it's important to get a foothold in the gold league and play to the max. Sooner or later all soulbond cards will become rentable or sellable, which can be beneficial if you have the maximum level of these cards.

Aside from the dragon splinter, the water splinter is still the most popular with players. It is wise to build your future strategies against water. And also buy or build a deck that will be ready to face water at 50%. The percentage is taken by eye, but it feels that way. 😜 I also play water most of the time!

If you have any questions or tips on these issues, I'd be happy to discuss it in the comments! Also, I won't leave anyone out any a small tip, as I do regularly! I care about every vote you give me!

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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