Golden League - I'm ready! Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 13 Report 21.12.2022

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Hey Splinters!

The roller coaster of leagues each season has motivated me to build a deck, including summoners (not all summoners yet). This opens the door for me to play comfortably in gold without low card level penalties. I'm still short on my own CP, but I'm in the process. Today I have 4 CL summoners that play in gold without penalty, of which it is 2 gold foil and 2 regular. Until 2 weeks ago I had one dragon summoner. So how did I do that? That's what I'm going to talk about today. I also interested in the numbers I'll be taking from @kiokizz report SplinterStats.

Это будет интересный отчёт, который будет взят для сравнения отчёта за текущий сезон, когда я уже играю с минимальным штрафом по картам. Поэтому пристегнитесь, полёт начинается. Поехали!

Match Report

This season, I almost kept my Ratio (Win/Loss) at 1.25. I think that this season with my summoners I will show a very different game. Although, the game always plays against your ambition. Hang in there, kid, I'll tear up all your plans! 😜😅

Rewards Report

All stats except the gold foil card and merits have increased. But we all know that this is also affected by luck. So today I decided to look at the awards of the season on another service. It's

The season under consideration ⬇️

Previous Season ⬇️

The awards are so similar you could get mixed up, unless you count the 2 legendary cards, which I'm definitely excited about and the CL pack last season. So far so good, I like what I see, let's move on!

Rental Report

Rental prices definitely went down this past season. That's what I suspected in the last report. The market is hitting everyone, sparing no one. But I'm playing the long game, so I'm buying more and more. I think this is the section of my stats where I will show my purchases, how I did it and why!

Since I just needed to upgrade my summoners for the gold league, I decided to buy them. All that was left to do was find the funds. Some of the funds I naturally put in from my Hive wallet, but some I decided to get from past issue cards. I hate to sell or sacrifice anything, but in this case I did! I had to sell my level 2 summoner, Mylor Crowling. It was very hard to do since I was so used to his perks, but the gold league wasn't sparing him...

In return, I collected two level 4 gold foil summoners of Water Splinter and Earth Slinter. Ugh, I'm ready for anything on this field now! I also collected a level 4 THADDIUS BROOD death sammoner, so 70% of my battles will go through without penalty and in complete comfort this season. All in all, the investment from the outside is minimal, and I expect maximum results. Shall we see?

SPS Report

The service report has changed, so it's hard to say for sure. But I definitely got more SPS and VOUCHER this season. The reason for that is my regular SPS purchases. The price of SPS is going down and this is another opportunity to average out. Even if SPS is never above 10 cents, it still brings in a nice airdrop every day!


Summoners are still invaluable at this time. The launch of the lands is just around the corner, you can already see your plot on the map! But I'm in no hurry to do it yet. I need more clarity. But I guess I'll just have to choose sooner or later by running this roulette.... 😜 But summoners will be worth like a piece of gold soon, just have to wait. Hopefully I'll have time to redeem all the ones I'll need!

Since I have summoners, my next goal is to buy monsters that will meet the minimum requirements (no penalty) of the gold league. That's 5 - 4 - 3 - 2. Plus I'm going to buy a lot of monsters in gold foil to offset some of the penalty when I use my tier 1 chicken. Not bad? Oh, yeah, I'm going to get a foothold in gold so I can jump into the daimond!

We are in exactly the right market right now to buy or trade our assets to reap the rewards a year from now. It is very scary to buy many right now, but the bull run will show who was right today. Either way, I'm building and playing. And I'm doing it with gusto! Will this pleasure bring me profits in the future? I don't know... But I'm sure it will!

If you have any questions or tips on these issues, I'd be happy to discuss it in the comments! Also, I won't leave anyone out any a small tip, as I do regularly! I care about every vote you give me!

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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