Re-investing in Splinterlands

When I started playing Splinterlands, I had no money at all. I mean online except for the few pennies I made by writing for the blockchain and even the ten dollars for the starter pack seemed a bit much for me to collect.

I used to attend Neoxian city chat and always interestingly read what the players were chatting about splinterlands. Then one day, I won a giveaway by Xawi which was 250 dec and I did not know what to do with it. I also won a card given by Shoe. Reaz aka panda then offered to me to pay for my account and I was excited.

No looking back after that.

Each time, I won something, I put back in more and it has not been a disappointing journey.

Today, I was playing to get into diamond 2 again and was defeated by the new reward card - the vampire bat.

Meet the new Coca of Chaos rewards šŸ¤£


Look at the stats. The chance to evade cost me a win. So, I went and bought all that I could. I still have to buy more and max it if I can possibly. Sooner before all my village peoplešŸ¤£ realize that it is precious.

So, buying cheap reward cards is like an investment that can give you 1000% returns in the long run.

If you are not familiar with Splinterlands, then please sign up and avail those free credits with which you can buy such cards and start playing and earning.

Meanwhile, I had tried to buy other cards too and some are very confusing to place like the Venator Kinjo which does sound like Senator. Anyways, it is best placed before the Dr. and can cause good enough damage to the opponent.


Use the monstermarket by @reazuliqbal and get good returns for your purchases and use the refund to again buy cards.


This notification is brought by the Kani bot by @bala41288

Splinterlands may seem like an endless investment but guys, think about it. No other game or investing opportunity has given back so much to the community that believed in it. It is the first.

So, hurry up and start thinking of buying those SPSs or cards if you are a player, use them wisely, and smile your way to the bank or crypto wallet because no other project has done any such thing before for the masses. Not even the politicians or those charity guys.

Tips for new players

  • study cards and abilities
  • try to buy sneak ability cards first
  • level up those summoners to level two at first
  • neutral is the first priority - buy those
  • play every single day
  • study battles by those top players
  • try practice or challenge matches
  • do not give up easily
  • ask doubts in the splinterlands discord
  • participate in giveaways - no giveaway is too small
  • start reading blogs by players and watch the videos
  • write those posts for splinterlands and earn upvotes
  • try playing every card
  • invite your friends

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