Hive Gear up with more power after duo of Splinterland & Rising Star Game.


There is no wonder if i say Hive will achieve best blockchain award for great scalability and Fast in transaction. I always try to look for latest update apart from posting contents and other engagement.Today i came to know about The Rising Star Game which is modelled same as splinterland but with different style .
Simply we can say splinterland is the gaming platform which has established Gaming structure where earning the reward opportunity is widely available in the form of SPT , DEC or SPS .
The rising star and Splinterland are both card game where The rising star represent Busking (Singing) and Splinterland represent Battling .Both have set attributes and abilities in different form .
Splinterland where two different types of card available for battling .Summoners and Monster . Both are unique in its own area where summoners recall monsters for battling on the base of six primal forces which are :
Monsters basically bound to battle on call of summoners .These monsters have long list as per 6 magic forces .
Every Monster card has its own stats and other speciality like below picture .

The rising star is also skilled based card game where you do busking from illegal to legal on the base of your ranking , fan following and achieving target.
It simply can be start by pressing the button written 'start the mission' and press the button which is illegal busking.

Once you press illegal busking button then you are okay to busk in your hometown and you grow to next level or mission on the base of your fans, XP and also win starbits coins which is main cryptocurrency of the game.
The game is well programmed to entertain ourself where its main purpose is to make your popular in busking through various mission and rewarded with singing ,guitar ,drum, piano, orchestral, production and road crew types of lessons.
Ego matters in this game which always need to control to gain more fan followers and earning starbits.
Apart from all, you also needs to boost your tired mind after long lessons achievement so there are available different card in the form of Coffee , Pizza and Energy which will raise your energy power quickly .Oh yes, Runner card will help you to finish your mission after paying small fees.
Does it interesting for you? For me yes, it well engaged and entertaining game which improve your skills and performance.
You can see at below image where the card stats and other speciality mentioned .

The rising star has its own blogging community like Open mic , where you earn valuable tokens in the form of hive ,Vibes .
Splinterland has its own community called splintertalk where you earn reward in the form of SPT tokens.
So Your skill matters either for oplaying Battling game or Singing a song .Both has broad opportunity for growth and earn rewards on the great hive blockchain .
Hive is just growing day by day and just in 1 year time it has set many milestone .Hope more games are in the queue to add contribution for hive growth .

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