Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 181 // Awaken Form of Charlok Minotaur


Awaken Form of Charlok Minotaur

Yow! Back for another splinterlands fan art contest entry. Making art is a lot of fun for me, and the fact that the splinterlands always supports my fan art encourages me to make more.

Now I'm going to show you some new fan art that I made with the ibispaint x app for Android. I drew this on my phone with a tylus pen, which doesn't make me feel uneasy while drawing.

Behind Story of This Drawing

After cultivating his magic power, which is fire, Charlok Minotaur has reached his limit and awakened a new form. In a struggle between summoners, he awoke in his new form. Now that he has taken on a new shape, his strength and magic power have increased, and his fire has grown into a large aura around him.


I start by drawing an outline to make it easier to sketch. First, I design a muscle outline, which can be seen in many superheroes. A face with a line to make drawing the eye easier.



Now that the outline is complete, I began to design ears, a face, and horns.
I chose a large horn because his body has improved since he awoke.



I began drawing the face, eye, and nose after completing the outline of the horn and ears. This is difficult to consider because I require a sturdy face that resembles a badass for his new shape. As a result, I put a solid black outline to his face.



Now that the face is complete, I added his fur, which was as easy as drawing a hair. As a result, I added shadows every time I finished something since I needed to see the end effect before comparing it to the body.



Because the fur and face are attractive, I wanted a sturdy body to make it feel like it was a part of it. I made an attempt to shade all sides of it. From his chest to his arms, he's got it all. Because of the shadow and bright shadow, this is the slowest part.

This is my drawing's full outline drawing.



The exciting thing now is to add some color. Coloring and drawing were two of my favorite activities. I chose red since he is a fire type. I used light red in his skull to make his eyes look clear and deadly.



It was a good effect when the color was applied. But I needed to improve it, so I added a fire drawing to the background. I added some particles to make it look fierce.



The result is amazing, but I want to make it even better, so I put a fire aura to his body to match his story, which is about him awakening. Not only that, but I added some shadow because it seemed like a better match for the way his body was facing.



This is the final step, which is to make it seem its best. I added some highlights, and the outcome was amazing. I'm really excited to see my own drawing, and I hope you enjoy it.



I also made a clip of my drawing to show how it progressed from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy it.



Thank you again for your continued support of my drawing. I'm amazed at how pleased those folks are when they see my drawing, and now I'm working on a new one, which I hope you enjoy.


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