Gold Cards lineup stamped by Regular Undead Rexx


Greetings from wherever you are located on the planet earth. I hope you are doing well and your family member too.

I have once again three amazing battles for our dear reading fans of Splinterlands battles.

The order of selection of this battle followed my preference and you will discover how the third battle strategy simply worked as I expected.


1rst Battle

Fire elemental opposed life elemental in the arena.
The rulesets were armored up heal out. Goblin Mech stood against all attacks. In one of the rounds, Goblin mech stunned the adversary and saved the game in my favor. The opponent Sand Worm was seriously inflicting damages to members of my team, but in the ninth round, Finerage successfully finished the last enemy cards on the board. Although the opponent team was ready to win, my strategy was superior.


2nd Battle

Lost magic was the only ruleset imposed on both summoners from the death elemental series. My team monsters had two heavy hitters Sand Worm and Goblin mech. My opponent brought on the battlefield more range attacks cards that will lose some of their offensive range points due to Contessa.
Haunted spirit in the opponent team was a terrible offensive card that healed and stroke down many of my cards. However, when Haunted Spirit was stunned then deprived of his support it couldn't do much against my team.


3rd Battle

This match has mana 16 and unprotected as a ruleset. Daria Dragonscale lead a death elemental monsters squad on my side while the opposite side showed Lyanna with earth elemental monsters. Undead Rexx has the ability to stample its enemy when they did due to this cards strike. Considering the fact that no monster had a shield I strategized that stample would be very effective. Wood nymph was an obstacle in the completion of my strategy as she was healing all first monsters in the opponent's lineup. Rexx finally finished the opponent lineup.


I am slowly concluding my contract of legendary cards rented on the market and increasingly placing more cards for rent due to the prices uptrend prior to the finale.
Congratulation to all players that have ranked higher in the upper league Silver, Gold, Diamond, or Champion.
There is a delegation contest you can find here if you need powerful cards before the finale


Warm regards

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