Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Chaos Knight!


Hello, friends. The beginning of the season was very fun as always - a lot of opponents with strong cards, a dozen very unusual winning strategies, but I managed to break into my favorite league Silver I and today decided to join a new round in Share Your Battle Challenge from @splinterlands team.

This time, the card of the week is Chaos Knight, a powerful Life elemental fighter - an oddball alternative to the classic Silvershield Paladin with the same ability to reduce damage from ranged and melee attacks, but with more speed and attack at similar levels. Because of this talent I like to put this card in the first positions, and today I've spent a couple of battles with it.

In the first game against Water, I decided to take advantage of the fact that Chaos Knight has a big shield and the rules of combat say that magical attacks will hit him first, and backing him up with Divine Healer, which restores his health and deals magical damage to his opponent, turned out really great. So great, in fact, that the Soul Fiend in reserve wasn't even needed.



The second battle was much more exciting, as my opponent, who had chosen Water again, had chosen the mighty Djinn Oshannus, which was hard to resist.

I strategized more cards with cheap summons, and backed up Chaos Knight with Armorsmith to restore his shield and, again, Divine Healer to restore his health.

For more effective ranged attacks I used General Sloan and a couple Silvershield Archers, for damage to the enemy's rear, and Halfing Alcemist, which could "reduce" the enemy's attacks for damage.

Despite Djinn Oshannus' high speed and powerful attacks, my Chaos Knight bravely survived and victory was very satisfying!



Was happy to share my combat experience and hope that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict will end soon.

Peace be with you all!

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