Adventures In Splinterlands - Are You Not Entertained?

Hi friends, after yesterday's update I've been getting a lot of battles with the new "Are You Not Entertained?" rule allowing the use of gladiators in ranked battles and I love it!

I've built up some effective strategies in guild battles with gladiators and battles with little mana, and today I ran into @funnel, a good friend of my husband, who was using a very similar formation.

So my lineup:

  • Bortus summoner in case the opponent engages mages mages. His ability to degrade magic attacks is pretty cool!
  • Despite the small amount of life I put Frost Lion on the first position, which thanks to the shields can take up time and give a chance to attack mages, archers or fighters with sneak and opportunity abilities.
  • Another handicap card was the "free" Torrent Fiend. A little delay in combat with little mana can be a big advantage!
  • The real star of this fight and one of my favourite Gladiators is Isgald Vorst. At a relatively low cost to summon, she has excellent attack and speed options, growing thanks to her Bloodlust ability, and Opportunity makes her truly lethal!
  • Free cards are great, and to protect my archer in this position I put a classic Furious Chicken.
  • The last line I gave to Halfing Alchemist. Inexpensive, but a really cool archer who can easily weaken my opponent's cards and give me a good advantage.

My opponent chose a very similar combo, but chose a healer called Croustan King, and it was a very threatening choice!

I lost both free cards in the first round, but my Frost Lion held the defense perfectly, and after losing him at the beginning of round 4 we came to an interesting layout with gladiators and archers left.

My opponent's archer could heal the first position, and mine lowered the speed and attack parameters of the enemy tank, so my Isgald Vorst was on top of it and took out the enemy cards pretty quickly.

That was fun!


Not much time left until the end of the season, so I will have to work hard to get into the Diamond League, so best of luck with the rewards!

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