Gaining Momentum in Splinterlands

The past weeks I've slowly got the hang of the game. Playing more games, improving my battle strategies and slowly gaining cards, DEC, SPS, and of course more reward chests!

After reading a lot about other peoples strategies and investments in the game, I decided to buy some more packs. Why? Simply because I can!

I bought 10 packs, a lot for my standards! While I still had 2 unopened packs I tested my luck and opened two packs. And well, I was quite happy with the result:



A few rares, a gold foil, and even an epic card! Pretty sweet if you ask me!

My plan of attack with the other 10 packs is to keep them and see what the price of unopened packs does over time. Maybe I'll open them one day, maybe I won't. For now, they mainly increase my share in the daily SPS airdrops. Let's see where it goes from here!

Happy battlin folks!

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