Splinterlands - Tower Defense Giant Sleeper?

As there are multiple roads being paved for the future of Splinterlands one the currently I have my eyes on is the Tower Defense game that will soon be releasing. For those who are unaware or know very little of here is my take on why this side game associated to Splinterlands will be a hit.

Weekly Dairy With Updates

The most recent post related to Tower Defense had an preview video demoing the game. It is very RPG like where players posses characters and strategically place them on the field to stop their enemies from invading. A Halloween theme with the demo but I the design and movement of the characters. Much more interactive graphics compare to the NFT Splinterlands game.

From the latest update it appears beta testing for the game is only weeks away. It would be wise to stay inform in Splinterland's Hive blog or their discord channel related to Tower Defense.

Nightmare Packs

When I saw the data of Nightmare packs sold on Splintercards.com I was surprise there were still plenty available for purchase. With a total of 2 million ever to be produced and more than 80% is still available for purchase in game.

In game cost for a pack is 5,000 DEC and 1 Voucher each. However through open market currently it is selling for around 6.2 Hive which equates to 3,840 DEC. This is a discount to purchase a pack in the open market however purchaser will not qualify for the air drop. Would saving about 1,200 DEC be worth the purchase?

Passive Income

Currently the only packs that are bought and held by players that will earn passive income and potential for future price appreciation are Nightmare packs. From personal experience it appears I earn about 0.1 SPS a day for holding 1 pack of Nightmare. Imagine players who are holding 1,000 or more packs to earn at least 100 SPS daily passively! This is a really good incentive to hold on to Nightmare packs. The passive income will remain until the full release of the game.


There is incentive to invest in Nightmare packs now and the curtain will soon rise for beta testing the game. Graphics and game play looks fantastic. The game is different from that of NFT card game we have grown to love in Splinterlands but yet is still apart of the franchise makes this that much more special. How are you feeling with Tower Defense?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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