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There is an old cliche, "In order to make money one must spend money." Splinterlands continues to have the push forward of trying to get SPS to a bigger audience. Latest proposal again focuses on trying to get SPS to the major exchanges.

30 million SPS being close to $900k is just insane to imagine but real deal here. To be reminded that was a point where SPS was $0.50 and even higher just the thought of how value could be held up better if SPS was spread to major exchanges. Not to say bring SPS onto a big exchange will make SPS price rise for sure, but odds are in its favor.

What I do believe in is the decisions and paths Splinterland's developers have pushed towards to. Not to say this current direction is best for Splinterlands, but as of now the game and its tokens has been in reasonable shape and that the game has been running for multiple years. I think we should give the team a benefit of a doubt on this one as they have led the game up to where it is today.

SPS Current Status

Compare SPS over on coinmarketcap.com it currently ranked 548th in market cap. Not so long ago the token had started with air drop for a year on a daily basis. Now its a token that can be earned by all players. So supply of token rose but so did its market cap! Even though the price per token has drop the overall demand is still high to push SPS to such evaluations.

I can only imagine how much more demand would be created if SPS is tradable in Coinbase or Binance.

If we trust in coinmarketcap.com when it comes to traded volume it is clear there is lack of a big trading platform to pull in more volume. In total very under $100k in daily volume of SPS traded.

What Will You Do?

Each of us who have staked SPS has a voice on this matter. My humble opinion is there would be more benefits than drawbacks allowing 30 million SPS out for exchanges to build demand. This is just the token itself. With that it could lead to more players onboarding into the game and so on.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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