What Happens when you let an AI design Splinterlands Cards?


So I found this amazing app today that auto-generates artwork through an AI algorithm. Wombo is a simple app that takes a prompt and then auto-generates artwork in a wide range of styles.

After testing out the app for a bit I found it could make amazingly dark and horrific monstrosities if I used the "dark fantasy" art choice. The images I was getting reminded me of Lovecraft's creations and I wanted to try using this filter to create new art for all the Death Splinter cards in Splinterlands.

The app is amazingly easy to use. To accomplish this task, I would test out the name of every death card. If the name didn't work, I would use a few terms that would help make an image. For example, using a character's name made it hard to get something. BUT if I used nouns instead, I ended up getting some really good results.


Since Death Splinter is filled with ghosts and cosmic horror-inspired characters, the Dark Fantasy AI generator worked amazing. While I did images for every card, there are just too many for one post. So here are ten of my favorites.

Anyways let's get onto the art.

All Images in this article were created by the Wombo Dream app and influenced by Splinterlands characters.


CONTENT WARNING: Some of these images are quite grotesque and horrific and may not be suitable for all viewers. If cosmic horror and unspeakable horrors upset you, I encourage you to leave before experiencing the madness of these creations.


What do you guys think of the art style?

I personally love this type of art. It's abstract enough to make you think and fill in the rest of the image with your imagination.

Thanks for reading and checking out my artwork!

If you made it this far I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. If you want to try out the app and make your own AI artwork just follow this link here. It's free to use and you can make as many images as you want.


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