Opening my first gladius case thanks to PIZZA guild

Ok so I have missed opening a deck as I am not about to pay $40 a deck. I am however very lucky to be part of of the PIZZA guild which has it buildings high enough that I earn merit from my brawls and can by a gladius pack! For those that don't know gladius cards can only be played in brawls and a soul bound, so no trading them.


Ok so the graphics looked great!



Ok this is where it got exciting



Ok so I was pretty happy with these cards as they suit my style real well.

Orela is going to sit real nice behind my Magnor tank :)

Berytol is going to be cheap little filler that is going to be great with my Mylor thorns, basically my new chicken

Helmets going to be my second tank, just soak up some damage and love that little bit of armour

Whistling is going to be my third sniper, be fun to see how that works!

Alva is going to be a great tank for my magic waters!

Use my referal, buy a spellbook and ill send you a free card

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