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Hey everyone, Chris here and there the season ended for me. Got a total of 5 season chests and 3 focus chests, not exactly what I had hoped for. I want a double-digit number of chests every time, but it didn't work out this time. One reason is few matches that you will see in the next section, and are stuck in the same place, ending my season just below promotion to the silver III league. I should see the silver league soon, a couple more seasons maybe.. And here are my rewards for this season, lets have a look. 😃

This time I got 4 monster cards from 5 season chest and 3 focus chest. Well I hoped I would get a lot more, but for me it was a tough season for some reason uknown for me hehe. Played a total of 113 games, wich 56 where normal and 57 from wild, compared to previous season with a total of 177 games.

So out of all 16+11 chests there were 11 monster cards for 177 games. 155 normal and 22 wild games, and a total of 177

I have noticed a trend here, every other season it goes great lol. Well, I hope it goes much better this season then. And here are some screenshots from a couple of the best or most interesting matches, and have a great week everyone! 😃

Battle link

Battle link

Battle link

Images are screenshots from/by me playing Splinterlands :

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