Regal Peryton - Magic in the Air

Regal Peryton is a rare card magic attacker for me works best at the second or third position. It has only 1 attack at level 1 but 6 health makes it a good secondary tank.

Fast monster with 5 speed and flying make it good against melee fighters and low speed monsters but it cost 5 mana to play but I think is a decent amount of mana for the stats. Use the summoner Obsidian for better attacks because of the +1 magic attack.

Weakness: Mushroom Seer because of the skill Silence ( -1 for magic attack) and Thaddius Brood because of -1 Magic attack.

Regal Peryton has only 1 skill:

Has an increased chance of evading ( +25% chance of evading ) melee or ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability.

Flying is a good boost because gives an extra 25% chance of avoiding attacks.

I will give my personal opinion about this because value varies from person to person. As you can see right now when I am writing this post regal peryton price is $0,35 for the regular version and the gold version is $2,94.

For me the best level for this card level 3 because of the +1 attack you can keep buying cards to increase its level but I don’t think is worth it.

The Rules:

  • Spreading Fury - Everybody will have enrage
  • Broken Arows - I can't play range attack monsters
  • 24 mana and i can play earth, water and fire

In low mana battles, I usually don't use unicorn mustang but I imagine my opponent using magic against me and playing Obsidian for the extra magic attack for me is the combo most people use.


  • Unicorn Mustang: 3 attack + 10 health and void, it is a must havewhen you play against magic.

  • Spirit Shaman: low mana, good attack, heatlh and divine shield.

  • Regal Peryton: its speed could get to 8 when inflicted with enrage and Flying makes it difficult to hit.

  • Djinn Biljka: only 3 mana for a extra magic attacker even with low speed and health is a good choice.


My opponent plays almost the same team as me so i am glad i used Unicorn for this game.

My Regal Peryton attacks first and triggers Enrage on the opponent and after my team attacks almost his Unicorn dies at the end of round 1.


But on round 2 his Unicorn finally dies and my Regal Peryton kills his Mycelic Morphoid, Two Down. Two To Go.

At the of round 2 my Unicorn Dies but i am not worried because i still have 3 monsters.


My Regal Peryton kills his Goblin Psychic.

Right now I am pretty suer i won this game because is on monster against three.


First attack and i won.

If you want to you can see the Replay

3 columns
2 columns
1 column