Win This Shadow Snitch Gold Foil + Runner Up Prizes

First a big thank you to everyone that took part in our last giveaway. We had some huge support and those tips in comments(🍕 PIZZA , 🍺 BEER, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV , 🍷 WINE, 😆 LOLZ, 👫 ENGAGE, ❤️ ALIVE, etc.) and upvotes greatly helps.

We had a huge turn out last week with nearly double the amount of entries. This is going to be the last week we do a hive exclusive however there will be even bigger and more prizes coming soon after. We will still do the occasional this way but we need to expand even further and one way to do this is to start growing our email list as well.

We also pulled in a little more funds so hopefully we will stop running out of resource credits to comment etc moving forward. The tips also have helped a good bit even though it seems like some of them are down at the moment as we didn't get credit for a lot of them sadly. But keep them coming if you wish to support us as when they do kick in the do help. Thank you!

If you would like a head start you can join our Crypto Gaming Giveaways email list here

We will only send out one email a week starting as well roll out our weekly giveaway but as things pick up we will most likely do 2 or 3 a week and expand from there as we push into new games. At least that's the goal.

Proof Of Last Giveaway Winners 3 Total

From this post- @cryptochroma/second-splinterlands-giveaway-with-runner
Gold Foil

2 Normal Foils

This Weeks Giveaway

We are going to continue with our three winners. The first wheel spin winner will get the gold foil edition of the card while the two runner up winners will get the normal foil card. Winners will be picked shortly after the 7 day payout window for this post.

First Winner Will Get The Gold Foil Of This Card

Two Runner Up prizes will get a normal foil card

How To Enter

The rules are simple

  • Must be following @cryptochroma

  • Drop a comment with your IGN for Splinterlands
    If you don't have a Splinterlands account yet feel free to join here Join Splinterlands

  • Optional: Drop any size upvote on the post (This helps us provide better prizes and reach more people as we grow

  • Optional: Share this post with others

  • Optional: Drop comment tips such as 🍕 PIZZA , 🍺 BEER, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV , 🍷 WINE, 😆 LOLZ, 👫 ENGAGE, ❤️ ALIVE, etc. these also help us grow our reach and prizes.

How Your Votes Are Used

Right now all votes and tips are going towards hive. We have been running into issues with resources when commenting etc so in order to expand we need to power up more Hive. The goal is to power up 100 hive ASAP and from there start to build up passive income streams such as SPS and HBD. After that we will work towards massive curation rewards for platforms like oneup, SPT etc that focus on the gaming space and work on partnerships with them.

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