Splinterlands new game update(s) + NFT giveaway(s)

New Splinterlands rewards cards are going to be literally game changing in more ways that may not immediately be apparent. In this write up Ill cover this, more Splinterlands news & a few NFT giveaways.

How the game will change

With a total of 43 Soul Bound cards to those of you not in guilds this is already a change Soul Bound cards are not transferable.

Soul bound may sound bad, its a good thing these rewards cards will be soul bound but the plans to make them unbound in the future.

Earning serious players that stick with Splinterlands playing as much as possible will reap a great benefit from accumulating a colection of these rewards cards.

New Summoners with the Conscript ability will allow players like myself that are part of a Guild with Gladiator cards, to play them in ranked matches.

Gladiators are basically a broken level of powerful

Good thing I have worked at earning a place in a guild over the last year, I already reap quite the benefit from monetized guild brawls.

Some other new abilities include

Its obvious to me the Splinterlands team is attempting to restore balance in their asset market & the game it self. Bolstering the players faith in the project while beginning to encourage the players to HODL what we win playing.

These rewards cards are a step in the right direction in this authors opinion, they even announced the rewards chests will be slightly changed as well.

Potions getting applied to rewards chest(s), & the old rewards cards finish being minted this is sure to shake things up.

Big changes instore for the Splinterlands players starting January 31st 2023, that's for sure.

The full official post about the new rewards cards launching on 1/31/2023 can be found below.

Card Scarcity

Our current rewards cards are going to be discontinued with the end of our current Splinterlands season on 1/31/2023.

An opportunist such as this author recognizes, the possibilities afforded to us by having this knowledge ahead of time.

The concept while deceptively simple may not be obvious to everyone, so allow me to break it down for you.

The rewards cards you currently get, released in 2 phases, the rewards cards from the most recent release are inherently going to have fewer in circulation.

While both common rewards cards the Pelacor Deceiver card for instance, has nearly double the number of cards in circulation as
Ever-Hungry Skull despite them both being common rewards cards.

Combine this information with how useful or not, these cards are to a players & you start to get a Idea of what cards to stock up on.

Personally I'm trying to get as many rewards cards I can in my own colection to the highest possible level before the market turns on me.

My hope is some of the readers that participate in my NFT airdrops / giveaways held on to some of the hundreds of Splinterlands reward card NFTs I gave away.

Though a low market value now, that is soon to change is my guess.

3rd Party Splinterlands projects

Not everything related to Splinterlands is officially a Splinterlands project, there are many 3rd party projects Splinterlands players should be aware of.

Some have useful info like Splintercards, or monstermarket


A few are 3rd party markets on various blockchains some with Splinterlands specific tools include Peak Monsters, Card auctions, Splex, & atomic hub.





Atomic hub a WAX market has crucial deposit tools WAX wallet players need.

This isn't even mentioning crypto exchanges or trading Dex sites that deal in Splinterlands assets there are, far to many to cover.

Here is an interesting project that sounds ambitious, however this being the year of Blockchain gaming the time is right for a Blockchain equivalent to Steam.

Flame claims its attempting to become just that a Steam equivalent for Blockchain gamers, Flame isn't launched yet, but Splinterlands is a project signed up to be listed on Flame.


Big asperations for any project, however if Flame is able to deliver as outlined this project could hold massive importance to the blockchain gaming community.

A few games that are loosely affiliated with Splinterlands are Genesis League Sports & Slinterforge.

Genesis League Sports has a GLX airdrop for the next 300 days or so for SPS staking Splinterlands players.

Splinterforge even uses Splinterlands cards in their game in which you fight boss monsters with your colection & Hero of Splinterforge which you customize with NFT items.

Game Items used in multiple videogames is such a revolutionary concept the implications of this type of breakthrough are still a mystery, as its a question we never thought to ask in this capacity.
Also the monetized fan blog Splintertalk is worth a mention.

Its clear the ecosystem of Splinterlands is expanding & becoming more complex then ever before so it pays to keep informed.

Looking ahead

Splinterlands is unique for a myriad of reasons, not just compared to other videogames, but even when compared with the vast majority of Blockchain games.

The level of competence displayed by the Splinterlands development team(s) running both parallel with one another & Seamlessly implement these changes into the game.

Its truly staggering how quickly the Splinterlands teams are able to progress through their roadmap. Even when compared to projects of a similar size or scope like Alien Worlds, Splinterlands is still amazingly efficient.

Now currently there is one complaint about recent Splinterlands recent updates I have.

The Arkemis the Bear card still has no WAX support, & I dont know why!?

A Small complaint because errors are not commonly encountered in my experience with Splinterlands at least.

The next promo card is actually a current SPS governance vote for stakers of SPS, full proposal found below.

One of the most important & divisive proposals active at the time of writing is the following

This proposal is for the SPS.DAO account to stake an additional 28,000,000 SPS for a total of 30,000,000 staked.

The Complicated very important proposal can be found below.

Currently the last community proposal to mention involves peakmonsters the full proposal can be found below.


A videogame has never been this involved with its players before, not that this author has ever played before at least.

Having played thousands of videogames in my life, heck recently even contributing to design aspects of active videogame titles. Splinterlands in this authors opinion is such a unique interactive experience unlike anything else.

We the players of Splinterlands are almost as important as the team behind the videogame itself, which is where the strength of this title comes from.

Looking forward Splinterlands has in this authors opinion, the potential to show gamers of the world, a better way to perceive what a videogame is & how they function.

NFT evolution

The NFT & Crypto spent the later half of 2022 burning to the F*cking ground to put it mildly.

Despite this decimation projects have endured, & the market has began to change as a result.

Wallet usage is even beginning to shift to games, & with this cautious optimism being our current driving forces in this enduring portion of the NFT market.

In this authors opinion it doesn't seem likely NFTs are dead, the NFT market while impacted hasn't disappeared.

The trade on the Splinterlands markets alone is still a respectable daily average, personally I noted a dip in my number of WAX sales, however its still far better then my daily average sales on WAX 2 years ago.

For those unaware the market has more or less regressed both the price of WAX & DEC to more or less what it was 2 years ago.

WAX being a little higher then the $0.04 price point as its currently trading at $0.07 however that's recently been the WAX price not to long ago.

Having been in this market through the rise & of course the fall, stating that the market may even become heathier from this market volatility doesn't seem outlandish.

Its difficult to stay positive in this market, as it was 2 years prior in a near identical market.

The markets chaotic environment promotes adaptation, over stagnation, while harsh it provides a catalyst for change, causing more innovation & less proliferation, where P2E games / NFTs are concerned that is.

WAX NFT Giveaway instructions

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX web wallet adds a fee for new wallet creation!?

When we have questions no one thought to ask in life, like how to avoid WAX web wallets 5 WAX setup fee, reddit already has the answer.

You can send an email to WAX Support: support@wdny.io, they would help you bypass the fee.

Bam problem solved, the full reddit post can be found below.


Now bellow is the WAX web wallet once again free to sign up for with the workaround above.

Now you have no excuse to not participate in the WAX NFT giveaways attached to all of my HIVE posts.

Splinterlands WAX NFT airdrop / giveaway

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All WAX NFTs given away today are Splinterlands NFTs used in the following P2E game Splinterlands.

WAX Splinterlands tools


Please understand the reason I give out Splinterlands NFTs using WAX & not HIVE is really to benefit everyone. A Splinterlands player has to pay for a Spell Book $10 in Splinterlands to get all the games features like asset transferring, a WAX wallet user can claim my giveaway for free regardless.

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Splinterlands referral

Want to try this brilliant blockchain game known as Splinterlands?

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Splinterlands is going to require a HIVE account & a WAX wallet would be in your best interest, as the giveaways I host for WAX wallet users weekly.


A bonus this weeks WAX schedule 👇

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