SPS DAO Mints Promo Card for SPS Stakers


Proposal Payment



The SPS DAO requests the Splinterlands company make a promo card to reward SPS Stakers. Each SPS staker would be allowed to purchase 1 card per 1,000 SPS staked for the nominal fee of 1 voucher per card.


The DAO is proportionately owned by all SPS stakers and its main purpose is to promote the SPS token and grow the Splinterlands ecosystem. These funds can be used to provide rewards at any time, and will be responsible for providing all rewards once the whitepaper distribution period ends.

This proposal seeks to illustrate the power of the DAO to interact with the developers of Splinterlands and provide rewards for the community in exchange for performing actions that are desirable to the ecosystem (e.g. Staking SPS).


If this proposal succeeds, the Splinterlands company creative and game design teams will create a playable, tradeable card suitable for the first DAO contracted promo card.

The team will also design a store page that allows each player to spend 1 voucher for 1 BCX of this promo card with a limit of 1 card per 1,000 SPS they currently have staked.

The team shall publicize a date to snapshot SPS Staked amounts that is not less than 24 hours before the start of the sale. This snapshot will be used to determine how many cards a player is allowed to buy.

As an example, someone with 10,000 SPS staked at the time of the snapshot would be allowed to spend 10 vouchers to purchase 10 BCX of the promo card.

Since there are about 950 million total SPS and currently only about 480 million SPS staked, it is reasonable to assume that between 300,000 and 600,000 BCX of this card may be minted. This likely makes it a common card similar to the recent Arkemis the Bear promo card, but the DAO will leave that decision up to the Splinterlands team. Ideally we would also see each card have a 2% chance to become gold foil, but we will also leave this up to the team.

The vouchers spent on this card are intended to be a nominal fee to allow a store page to be used by the team. Any vouchers spent will be burned.

Of note, should this proposal pass, the DAO could choose to participate and gain cards in accordance with its staked SPS amount. These cards could be used for future promotional purposes.


This proposal is being co-authored by @davemccoy and @genepoolchlrn8r.

Based on the comments made on the first SPS DAO Staking Proposal, it became apparent that many in the community do not feel as if they own the SPS DAO and the funds there. Some community members expressed concerns that if the SPS DAO was accumulating SPS via staking, that it was doing so at their expense. @davemccoy had the idea that if the next proposal was the DAO providing rewards to the community, it could help convey the vision that the DAO will eventually be responsible for all rewards. The hope is that with this proposal, the community comes to better understand the role of the DAO in interacting with the Splinterlands development team (and potentially other entities) in order to provide services that are beneficial to the DAO and the community as a whole.

@genepoolchlrn8r had initial discussions with the Splinterlands team to determine whether the DAO would need to negotiate a price for these services and learned that while the DAO may eventually need to contract with the Splinterlands company, the leadership team feels that the DAO should not yet be paying for these services. The team agreed that the proposal above would be a reasonable amount of work to do without a fee in order to demonstrate the desired concepts.


It is our hope, that through this proposal, people begin to recognize that any funds accumulated by the SPS DAO through maximizing the whitepaper distribution of SPS are not being taken away from them. We all own the DAO in proportion to our SPS Stake.

In the short term, these funds are reducing inflation of SPS by "locking them up" in the DAO which will not vote and so will not impact voting or player governance.

Over the longer term, those funds will be essential to pay rewards and contract for services necessary for the Splinterlands ecosystem to continue to grow.


The 100,000 DEC fee for this proposal was paid by https://Splex.GG.

If you are interested in having your proposals paid for, please visit SPLEX on their discord at https://discord.gg/Splex to make suggestions and work with their team on formatting and promotion of your proposals.

Edit: 1/16/2023 at 4:21 CT - Changed the line about the vouchers going to the treasury to note that they are intended to be a nominal fee and that any vouchers spent will be burned. The previous text stated that the vouchers would go to the treasury for future purposes. The new text is as follows:

The vouchers spent on this card are intended to be a nominal fee to allow a store page to be used by the team. Any vouchers spent will be burned.

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