Splinterlands Game Guide 2 - Card types, How to battle, How to choose cards


Hello friends, This guide will be helpful for beginners. I will explain how to play this game in an easy way. If you haven't seen my Splinterlands Guide 1, Then check it. Here is the link -
Splinterlands Game Guide 1 - Introduction, How to start, SPS coin Airdrop, Do and Don'ts

Card types

  1. Summoners - Summoners are used to call monsters, which means the first card is a summoner in every battle. We have to choose only one summoner per battle. If we choose fire splinter Summoner then we can only use fire splinter monsters.

  2. Monster - They perform attacks. We can choose up to 6 monsters.

How to Battle

Step 1: First click on the battle button as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 2: Now you will see the prompt as shown below screenshot. Here you can see the rule and mana cap for this particular battle and some other information explained below screenshot.



I choose summoners and monsters for this battle as in the below screenshot.



I lost this battle 😁😁😁. If you win the battle, then you will get a reward in DEC token.


How to choose cards (for beginners who can use free playable cards)

I suggest beginners users use a fire splinter card, then you have a good chance to win. First, choose a summoner. Then make sure you choose mele monster in the first position which has good attack and health also. For example.

in the second position, you can use ranged monsters and then use the magic monsters as you want. One thing, Don't use mele monsters in 3rd+ positions (use mele monsters in 3rd+ position if they have opportunity ability).

Image Source: All images used in the post are screenshots taken from the Splinterlands.com

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