Hello friends, This is my entry for the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. If you want to participate in this challenge.

šŸ‘‰ Here's the link: @splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-moltenashgolem



Rule: Standard
Mana cap: 30
Splinters: All

1. Summoner (Dragon)

Delwyn Dragonscale is a common dragon summoner. This one is common, but still, it's the best summoner. However, it costs 5 mana which is a little high, and gives one extra magic attack šŸ”® to friendly monsters. This is one of my favorite summoners as I chose mostly magic monsters in my battle lineup.

2. First Monster

Molten Ash Golem is a rare fire monster. Moten Ash Golem is a ranged attack monster that can attack from the first position too, because of its Close Range ability. It has low speed, but very high health šŸ’– in just 6 mana. I chose this monster in the first position because it has 9 health and can attack from the first position. Using a ranged attack monster in the first position is usually not a good strategy, but still, I used it so I could use magic monsters behind it.

3. Second Monster

Spirt Miner is a legendary neutral monster. I rented Spirit Miner monster. In my opinion, this is a good magic monster that can be used in any battle lineup as its neutral monster. It's Dodge ability will help it to evade melee or ranged attacks. Hence I chose this monster in 2nd position. It costs 6 mana, and it has very good stats such as 2 magic attacks, 3 speed, and 6 health.

4. Third Monster

Magi of Chaos is an epic neutral monster. The stats of This monster seems very similar to the Spirit Miner monster. This one is a good magic monster. It costs 6 mana and gives 2 magic attacks, 2 speed, and 5 health. I chose it in the third position, Let's see how it will help to our battle lineup.

5. Fourth Monster

Dwarven Wizard is an epic neutral monster. I rented this monster too. I like magic monsters, they attack first on monsters' health instead armor. So If we could use them smartly, then it will be easy to win the battle. I chose this monster because it costs only 3 mana and will give me a magic attack. Also, its snipe ability will help it to attack opponents' ranged and magic monsters.

5. Fifth Monster

Serpentine Spy is a common fire monster. I think it's the most dangerous fire monster as it costs only 3 mana and has a good attack. In addition to that, it has an Opportunity ability that will help it to attack enemy monsters with the lowest health. However, we should take care that it should not die early.

5. Sixth Monster

Radiate Scorcher is a common fire monster. I chose this monster just to fill my battle lineup mana cap. It costs only one mana. I thought that if it could take a single attack, it will be sufficient for me.

Watch my battle replay here: Battle link

At the start of the battle, my monsters got one extra magic monster, and the opponent's monster got one extra armor because of the respective summoner.

In the first round, my Molten Ash Golem monster did a great job by taking damage and providing good defense to my battle lineup. But the opponent's monster did great damage to my monsters and successfully killed my last 2 monsters šŸ˜­. It seems nearly impossible to win the battle, Let's see what happens.

In the second round, my monsters started killing the opponent's monster one by one and I was very excited to see this. šŸ˜ƒ But my Molten Ash Golem monster died and the magic monster got some damage.

In the third round, mine three magic monsters left alive, and the opponent's only two monsters left alive. My victory seems certain.

Finally, I won the battle. āœŒļø

My strategy was to use a Molten Ash Golem monster with a dragon splinter as I want to use some magic monsters in the battle lineup. I chose Molten Ash Golem in the first position of the battle lineup for good defense only as it has very good health. I chose some magic monsters behind Molten Ash Golem for a big attack. In the last position, I chose low-mana monsters. Overall, my strategy worked very well. Next time I would like to try with some melee monsters who have the sneaky abilities with Molten Ash Golem.

Yes, I like the Molten Ash Golem monster after using it in this battle. But still, I may not use this monster often because I don't use fire splinter in battle. Molten Ash Golem has good health which gives good defense to our battle lineup. If we could use it smartly then this one is a very good choice.

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