My Splinterlands Game Report 4 - Date 09th Sep 2021

Hello friends, I started playing Splinterlands on 7th August 2021. Today I like to share my Splinterlands report with you. So here I started.


This is my Splinterlands Game report 4. In this report, you will see my investment and earning growth. Also, I am sharing my Splinterlands total balance growth.

Splinterlands - Play2Earn

Splinterlands is a collectible card game in which you battle with your cards in ranked battle and you earn a DEC token reward for every win. Also, you will earn an SPS coin airdrop reward according to your game points. (For more information about how to play, how to earn playing Splinterlands game, and about SPS coin airdrop. check my previous Splinterlands guide post).
Here is the link -

  1. Splinterlands Game Guide 1 - Introduction, How to start, SPS coin Airdrop, Do and Don'ts
  2. Splinterlands Game Guide 2 - Card types, How to battle, How to choose cards


My investment in Splinterlands game to date

This week I have not invested DEC tokens. My total investment to date is 67$.

67$ = 10$ (for Summoner spellbook) + 24$ (in DEC token) + 33$ (in SPS coin)


My total balance including Earning in Splinterlands

My collection value in Splinterlands is 6.01$ as shown below


My DEC balance in Splinterlands is 6370.48 on Hive-engine is 5624.86. (This week my DEC balance is increased as I earned DEC token and invested some earning in DEC token.)
So the total DEC balance is 11995.34 worth 81.85$ according to the current market rate.


My SPS balance in Splinterlands is 121.429 worth 33.43$. I am earning about 1.5+ SPS daily from Stake reward and SPS airdrop. I will try to increase this later.



Now, let's calculate the total balance including earning.


Total Earning = 121.29$ - 67$ (investment) = 54.29$


My total Splinterlands balance analysis

This is my total Splinterlands balance analysis over time in USD.




From day one I liked this game. It's fun to play Splinterlands game. I also liked one thing about the game is a new member can also earn well from this game. I invested more so I can earn more. Earning may seem low but it's more profitable in longer terms. My total earning is 54.29$ which is very good.
This time my earning were reduced because of the decrease in market price. Still, it's good.

I will share my Splinterlands report every week with you. So if you're interested to see my report then follow me.

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