Optimize your budget with Peakmonsters.com

Hello guyz,

Considering how much is rising DEC and SPS values, and how dificult is for new players like me enter to the competitive (and fantastic) world of splinterlands, i will post my experience in optimizing my budget.

And I will do with an example that all of you can follow. I will show you the difference of buying a card in the direct market of Splinterlands and buying in peakmonsters.com

This post goes for players that have they hive keys active on their browser. This reason is because you delegate a direct buy for a third party buy (peakmonster will buy the card for you in charge of your DEC balance in Splinterlands).

And I will choose my loved Creeping Ooze as an example.

Let's see how are the prices today in the direct market of splinterlands.!

Ok we've got it for 7,40$ and 504 DEC. I pay 504 DEC and I will get the card.
But can we optimize that budget? As a bronze player every DEC counts. And the answer is yes of course! Let's go to https://peakmonsters.com/market and search Ooze as the instructions follow:

  1. First of all we select the card that we are looking fot
  2. We select a day window information (this will show us the price evolution of the last 24 hrs)
  3. We select Bid (dark blue botton): this will allow us to offer a lower price. It will appear a hive autorization because we will delegate peakmonster as the third party buyer.

As you can see, there has been a deal, 17 hours ago in 1.3$. We will set a bid of 2,5$ (66% lower than the direct buying)


So we set the price of 175 DEC (instead of 500 DEC direct market) and we choose level one card as it's all that we need in our ranked.

Thank you very much for reading. Hope this post helps to manage low budgets and optimizing them. Thank you for sharing and upvoting!

I have got other posts trying to also help in game strategy for new players, would be fantastic if you take a look into it.


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