Thoughts on the new Splinterlands Modern Ranked Format

The above image was taken from the Splinterlands post on "Modern & Wild Ranked Formats"

Modern & Wild Ranked Formats is coming, and you can check out the recent splinterlands post here for more information.

For this post, I'll just be going through a few of the points that I'm really excited about.

Collection Power (CP)

Collection Power thresholds for Modern leagues are half of the current Collection Power requirements, which will remain unchanged for Wild leagues.

This is great news for those new to the game. Chaos Legion card packs cost twice that of the previous edition, but has only CP that is half that of the previous edition. Under the current format, it can take very long for new players to move up the ranks. The changes means that it will now be easier to rise up the leagues in the Modern Ranked Format.

From the table below, you can see how much CP is required for all the Modern Ranked Format as compared to the Wild Ranked Format.

LeagueRatingCP (Wild)CP (Modern)
Bronze III100-3990+0+
Bronze II400-6991,000+500+
Bronze I700-9995,000+2,500+
Silver III1000-129915,000+7,500+
Silver II1300-159940,000+20,000+
Silver I1600-189970,000+35,000+
Gold III1900-2199100,000+50,000+
Gold II2200-2499150,000+75,000+
Gold I2500-2799200,000+100,000+
Diamond III2800-3099250,000+125,000+
Diamond II3100-3399325,000+162,500+
Diamond I3400-3699400,000+200,000+
Champion III3700-4199500,000+250,000+
Champion II4200-4699500,000+250,000+
Champion I4700+500,000+250,000+

Season Rewards

A player’s season reward chest tier will be based on the maximum league achieved in the previous season between the Modern & Wild formats. Example: If a player reached Bronze II in Modern last season, but Silver III in Wild, then they will be able to earn Silver level chests in the current season.

With the same amount of CP, you'll probably be able to be a one or two leagues higher in the Modern Ranked Format than currently, the season rewards will be better too!

Daily Rewards

A player’s Daily Focus chest tier will be based on the current best league between the Modern & Wild formats at the time the Daily Focus is started. Example: If a player is in Bronze II in Modern, and Silver III in Wild, and they start (or refresh) a Daily Focus, then the chest tier for the new Daily Focus will be Silver.

The same applies for the Daily rewards, in which we can get better rewards from the chests if we are at a higher league.

DEC Reward Pools

There will be 2 DEC reward pools, of roughly equal size. One pool for Modern battles, and one pool for Wild battles, which operate independently of each other.

On the not so good side, there will likely be more people competing in the Modern Ranked Format and the DEC rewards will probably be diluted and not as good as that of the Wild Ranked Format.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, I think that the changes will lower the barrier for the newer players and hopefully attract more players to the game. A larger player base will make the Splinterlands economy more vibrant. I'm really looking forward to the new format rollout in July!

If you like my post, and would like to try out the game, do consider joining the game under my referral.

Thanks for reading!

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