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Exciting news!



Many of you may know that PsyberX has been fully funded for development since last year. For those of you who don’t know, we had a VC invest, funding the whole project. A VC is a Venture Capitalist. They find projects/businesses that are up and coming that show great potential. Feel free to learn more about Venture Capitalism and Angel Investing on This has been fantastic for all of us. This has meant that we did not need to seek for further investment from our community. Instead, we get to focus our efforts on making the game. However…you, our community, have changed things…


Because of the Founder Starter Kit and Commercial Plot Sales, we have raised over $40K which is being used for further development. What does further development sound or look like?

  • We have already hired 3 new 3D modelers. By “new,” of course, we mean new to us. These are highly experienced developers. The results of these new recruits is that we are no longer using Unity assets in further development. Everything will be custom in the game.
    This takes PsyberX to a whole new level.

Speaking of LVL

We have also upgraded our discord group’s capabilities. Join Us Here. We have added LVL to the bot. Do you remember when we were doing airdrops of Hive, Meme, and other fun coins? In the matter of a few days, don’t be surprised to find airdrops of LVL in our discord…
And, besides the airdrops, we have an active community that has a ton of fun! We raise humor to the next LVL and play off each other for ideas to make PsyberX great! Remember…You are our community. We are listening to you. We have several of our Hive friends who have joined us in Discord who are now even creating content for us, including NFTs, background stories, promotion, contests, and even writing this very post that you’re reading right now (Looking at you @bobthebuilder2 😉).

  • We're currently looking for an illustrator (2D). Interested? Come see us in Discord.

Office Space

“I believe someone took my stapler…” No…not that Office Space. We mean brick and mortar, just hold the bricks and the mortar…We’re opening an office.

We’re Opening AN OFFICE!!!

Of course, details will follow and pictures, too…but it will be a while. Things take much longer to build and establish in the real realm vs the Psyberverse.



Founder Starter Kits and Commercial Plots

  • Founder Starter Kits
    • We are nearing the 1,000 Founder Starter Kits in sales. As a very quick recap, for anyone who buys at least one of the first Founder Starter Kits, you will get an additional Founder Starter Kit for free (only one free one regardless of the number you buy). Once the sales go over 1,000, any new purchasers do not qualify for the free Founder Starter Kit.
      There are 3 ways to buy:
      • 100 HBD or Swap.HBD
      • 100 Hive or Swap.Hive
      • 250 USDT or other crypto equivalent, but you must reach out to JBoss in Discord for the wallet info.

Send the amount to @psyberx with the memo stating 1 Founder Starter Kit. You can buy more than one at a time. For instance, we have had several people buy 15 at a time to become a Land Baron. For this, you would send, as an example, 1500 Swap.Hive to @psyberx with the memo 15 Founder Starter Kits...or Call me a Land Baron, baby! We'll get the hint. If you want to screen shot your completed transaction in your "history," you can share that with us on Discord and everyone will celebrate your new found title.

  • Commercial Plots:

    • There are only 50 Commercial Plots that were up for sale. We are on the final countdown to 0. There will only be 50 of these plots ever sold. They’re almost all gone. With LVL at its current levels, 500K LVL is a super deal. The time to get in is…well…now…Two ways to buy:
      • 2500 HBD
      • 500000 LVL

Send either amount to @psyberx with the memo stating 1 Commercial Plot. Purchases with LVL are limited to 1 per account. 2 Commercial Plots is the maximum allowed per account.


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