Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Disintegrator


The Disintegrator is a new Chaos Legion card that has the Demoralize ability to reduce the damage it receives from Melee attacks. It is very expensive in terms of Mana costs at 7 mana but it has its uses against melee attackers.

The Rules and My Lineup

Close Range, Spreading Fury - 44 Mana Cap


Given the spreading fury part of the ruleset, I wanted to demoralize my opponent so that when it became enraged, the effect would be less and not as deadly.

Summoner: Kelya Frendul - to increase the speed of my cards and give them a shield
Position 1: Disintegrator - to demoralize my opponent and minimize the enrage effect
Position 2: Phantom of the Abyss - for heavy and quick magic attack
Position 3: Sea Genie - flying and decent magic attack
Position 4: Ruler of the Seas - quick explosive magic attack
Position 5: Venari Wavesmith - mainly for the shield boost to all my cards
Position 6: Spirit Miner - quick magic attack with the evade ability

Was my strategy effective?

Yes, my strategy was very effective thanks to the Disintegrator. With enrage, you may sometimes face attacks of 4 or even 6 damage but thanks to the Disintegrator's demoralizing effect, the doubling ends up with only 2 damage. You can see how it works in the battle link.

My opponent's tanks were killed in the first two rounds and thanks to the Phantom of the Abyss and Sea Genie being able to evade attacks, I was able to avoid many hits and by the fourth round, I won the battle.

What would I do differently?

The strategy worked perfectly and the Disintegrator was essential to winning the battle by negating the enrage ability of the ruleset. My opponent wasn't able to take advantage of it and thus lost.

Thoughts on the Disintegrator

The Disintegrator isn't one of my favorite cards because its health, shield, speed and attack doesn't justify its high mana cost. You can do a lot better with 7 mana. Having said that, it can be the right card for the right ruleset like i showed in my battle. Demoralizing the opponent on its own is quite ineffective but when you combine it with the enrage ruleset, you get double the effect.

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