NeedleWorkMonday’s Needlework Your Barbie Contest!


Did you have a Barbie doll when you were younger? If so, did you ever wish you had more clothing and accessory options for her?

Well here’s your chance to...

Needleworĸ Yoυr Bαrвιe!

We are challenging you to make your Barbie a new outfit, accessories or necessities.

You can crochet a sweater, sew an overnight bag, cross-stitch a design and make it her next blanket, embroider one of her current shirts to make it pop, knit her Winter socks - the ideas are Eη∂ℓєѕѕ!

It doesn’t have to be Barbie, it could also be for Ken!

Don’t have a Barbie?’s okay. As long as it’s a Barbie sized doll. Don’t have any doll?...that’s okay too. Although it would be great to see your creations on an actual doll we will accept you showing just the items you make. I suggest you be creative on how you display them if you have no doll to help model them. Presentation is key here! 😉

Show the process of your work. Although we will be judging the final product we are also requiring you to show how you came to the final product. Take us on that fun journey with you! 😆


  1. All items you make for Barbie have to be done with a needle - therefore your creation must be a needlework of your choice! You can even combine different needlework techniques together.

  2. You must make needlework items for Barbie, Ken or any Barbie sized doll male or female. You do not have to have an actual doll to show but please make sure your items are small enough (Google and Pinterest can give you size equivalence).

  3. You can make clothing pieces, accessories and necessities (see ideas above).

  4. You are allowed to use patterns but please be sure to credit the source in your post. Add your signature touch to make it your own :)

  5. Must include at least 3 process photos of your creative journey.

  6. Must post your entry directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!

  7. Please leave a link to your contest entry below in the comments so we won’t miss it! 😉

Eɴтry Deαdlιɴe:

All entries for this contest are due in two weeks on Monday, November 16th! Please Do Not enter early as we would like to have all entries posted together on the same day in order to keep better track of them.


At first glance these would be the prize amounts...

• 1st Place - 5 HBD

• 2nd Place - 3 HBD

• 3rd Place - 1 HBD

But...I, @crosheille, will be throwing in 3 extra HBD from my own account for each place making the final prize pool...

• 🥇 1st Place - 8 HBD

• 🥈 2nd Place - 6 HBD

• 🥉 3rd Place - 4 HBD

Whoo Hooo Hooo!!!!! 🤩

Wait! There’s More! 😜

Our judge for this contest is the one and only lovely, creative and inspiring @neumannsalva! 🌸

She will also be adding 10 Hive in prizes to the contest. This Hive will be rewarded for creativity, neatness, vintage etc. She will decide how she wants to distribute these so you never know...your creative design just may win you some extra love. 💕


Wondering where this contest idea came from? The cover photo is from recent posts published in the community by our members. From left to right: @marblely, @lauramica and @creacioneslelys. These ladies have sparked quite the interest and excitement with their posts.

@kattycrochet was motivated by their work and mentioned she wanted to make something for her daughter’s dolls. She then reached out to @lauramica about making this a challenge for the community and here we are now - our first Barbie contest!

Thank you to each of you ladies that inspired this idea. Each of you have been made beneficiaries of this post ;)

We are looking forward to seeing your entries! Ready, Set, Go Needlework Your Barbies!!! 🧵🧶

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NeedleWorkMonday Founder: @crosheille


Thank you to @eve66 for providing her lovely Hive page dividers for use. She has also been added as a beneficiary on this post.