#needleworkmonday :: My turn for Barbie

Happy #NeedleWorkMonday everyone!


Meet Blue. My first Barbie doll.

Growing up, I have always wanted a Barbie but I did not get one because I didn't ask for one. But whenever I go visiting and if I see a Barbie, I would slowly make my way to her and play with her hair (sounds a little creepy? :D)

When @lauramica showed her talents in sewing Barbie doll's garments, I was inspired and was brought back to my childhood days of Barbie doll-lessness. Now that I am able to get one myself, I did, thanks to @lauramica! :)

Plus, when it comes to crocheting or knitting, I always have a problem of finishing a garment project. So, with my Barbie (I got 2 Barbie dolls but this round, Blue will be model :), I think I will be able to complete garment projects :D.

I used a variegated pink white yarn and initially, I was thinking of a top down sleeveless dress. This dress was crocheted as I went along and stitches were added and decreased as I went along, following the the Blue's figure. I used a 3.125MM or D crochet hook and chained 27 or 30 at first.


I "measured" the chains around Blue's chest and joined with a slip stitch.


For row 1, I single crocheted all around and joined with a slip stitch. For row 2, I did double crochet all around...


... and continued with row 1 and row 2, increasing and decreasing stitches as I went along...


..., following Blue's figure.


But, the dress became a little big for the chest after a while and I decided to change into a bottom up dress :D


It looked better as a skirt I think with a slight flair at the bottom. A bell bottom skirt?


At the point when I reached Blue's midriff, I changed it up a little and did a V double crochet, by crocheting 3 double crochets in the same stitch with a double crochet alternately.


Once I reached the chest, it was double crochet all around.


Within a day, I completed my first garment ever with crochet!


Barbie size :)


There are so many possibilities with this! So exciting! Thank you @lauramica!

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care!

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