Kitchen Needlework project. 2 free PDF sewing patterns

Potholder and mitt

I’ve worked to create two free patterns for the Hive for the “kitchen” needleworkmonday post.

Please find more details about this project here:-


Oven Mitt and Potholder set

I don’t think that there’s anyone out there who actually has a serviceable set of utilities to remove hot pots, pans from the stove or baking dishes from the oven. Yes, we all received them as wedding gifts, so very long ago. But, now, they’re thread-worn, dilapidated, ugly, ugly things. Am I right?

So, I thought that almost everyone could use a sewing pattern for an oven mitt or a potholder. What do you think? Anyway, even if you don’t want these items for your own kitchen, you surely know someone who does, so they make great, great gifts (you’ll be surprised how much the recipient will thank you. Haha! 😂)

Please enjoy these free patterns, they’d also make good stock for a Christmas flea market stall (you’d make some money, I 🤔 think)


25cm of cotton and quilted lining

Pot holder

Cut 1 main piece from cotton (face fabric) and 1 from quilted lining fabric.
Cut hand-holder sections :- 2 from cotton, 2 from quilted lining
Stitch the hand holder section together by laying right sides together
Stitch the main part of the holder in the same way, leaving the edges open
Lay the hand holders atop the main section and stitch in place, using a straight stitch machine
Turn to right side and press.


Oh, it’s so easy. Haha!

Place the lining and the cotton, wrong sides together and overlock around the outside of the mitt. Next, place each overlocked section rightsides together and straight stitch around the mitt. Turn to the right side, overlock the base and hem. Done!

Free PDF Patterns

free pdf sewing pattern for a pot holder

free pdf sewing pattern for an oven mitt


All images and patterns are my own. The patterns are made using Itsostylish free pattern making CAD

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